Safety Measures for Seniors Living Alone

As you can imagine, 2020 has not been an easy year for seniors living by themselves. We all know someone who did not see their parents or grandparents for quite a while now.

Well, I did not go to Brazil this year for obvious reasons, and at the beginning of March, I still remember having to ask my father to not receiving people in their flat for safety measures.

And it did not go well. They needed someone to fix something urgent in the bathroom. Then, I was terrified of the whole situation. Don’t get me wrong. They still can fix problems and look after themselves.

But I imagine that there are lots of elderly people out there facing some the challenges of living by themselves during a pandemic.  That must be difficult, but still are some measures and steps to keep them safe at their homes.

Keep Your Medicines Update

I have heard horror stories of people failing to take their prescriptions or not having anyone around to deliver their medicines in time.

On the other hand, there were lots of volunteers picking up some medicines to be delivered to people in the neighbourhood where I live in local groups from Facebook.

It is always important that you keep a list of medications and prescriptions handy. This way, the person in charge of it will not have a problem to get it when visiting your home.

Make Your Home Safe

There is plenty of technology available in the market to make a home safe for seniors. Installing grab bars around toiler and showers is one important measure.

Improving home lighting is another fundamental step to prevent falls and make your home safer.

Besides, I would recommend installing a stairlift, if the bedrooms are upstairs and you cannot swift to a first-floor room. Look for the professional help from companies like Stairlift Express to have the best deals on stairlifts.

Stay in Touch

I know most elderly people would feel a bit confused with technology and social media nowadays. Unfortunately, it is something that they need to get used to.

My parents are pretty much 24/07 online nowadays. They use all social media channels to communicate. And it made a lot of difference for them during the pandemic months when my brother and I stayed connected all the time.

If you have no family around, technology can be the only way to communicate in this case. And if you have a nice neighbour, keep in touch. Make them know you are around, and they will probably be happy to help when you need it. here are a few tips to make sure they are safe online

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