How Your Company Can Support Children This Christmas

We are used to seeing Christmas as a time for sharing, being grateful, and connecting with loved ones. 2020 may have changed our traditional way of celebrating it, but the truth is that we still can be generous and grateful for helping the ones in need too.

Have you heard of Corporation Social Responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility is a commonly used business marketing tool in the world of social work, easy to say but hard to do. If your company had the chance to have a good financial year, it’s time to give it back. Don`t you agree?

So why not starting your journey to make a difference this Christmas? 

You can donate here.

Time has proven that when people are unified and determined, miracles can happen. However, to what extent has it been CSR support beneficial to the community in real terms, how much has it reached those who need it?

Generally speaking, small and big companies have a corporate social responsibility page on their website. Some companies have set up charity organizations, along with their regular business to contribute the needy groups on regular basis.

Through their passion and vision, outstanding and remarkable changes happen in society. The truth is that every company has to contribute some of their profit to charity. It should not be even an issue.

Their contribution is essential to the community in helpless elderly people, children, or when they conduct one day workshop once in a blue moon, via entertainment videos, interviews, uploaded pictures in websites and social network.

Helping DOCS Foundation Nepal

So, this year, I would like to talk about how your company could and should collaborate with an outstanding organisation in Nepal – DOCS Foundation. The orphanage is maintained by Going Nepal that provides a new chance to children, since 2002 when it was created. Going Nepal is real proof of how tourism and charity can walk side by side.

Liladhar Bhandari– The president of the DOCS Foundation Nepal is a key reference in children’s growth, supporting them also at the end to find work and explore the new world, which will be opened to them.

“We encourage you to join us in this mission for better opportunities for the children in need in Nepal. Any contribution which may seem small to you can make a big difference to our children. Covid-19 pandemic applies more pressure to the current challenges that these children need to overcome.”, he explains.



You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Our sustainability has been established through the regular contribution of our business partners and clients who explored the needs of the territory through our communication channels. Business – Collaboration “GOING NEPAL” contributes to children and society. After high school graduation, our residential or supported children continue to get support from our organization.

How Can You Get Involved?

DOCS Nepal’s children need more than ever support from donations and sponsors. Beforehand, they thank you for your generosity and kindness.


Financial help can be provided in the account of DOCS Foundation Nepal given below.

Everest Bank Ltd.

Patan Branch,

Harihar-Bhavan Road,

Pulchowk, Lalipur Nepal

Account name: DOCS Foundation Nepal

Account no: 01200105200210

Swift code: EVBLNPKA

If you want to send some package containing clothing, shoes, school supplies, linens contact directly to and

DOCS Foundation on Social Media

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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