Top 3 Nature Parks to see Birds in Australia

Whether you are a dedicated bird watcher or simply interested in seeing beautiful, colourful birds up close, there is no doubt that Australia is home to a rich and diverse range of birdlife, making it the ideal place to go bird watching!

If you are keen to learn more about Australian bird species in a controlled environment, then why not visit one of the country’s wildlife parks which are located all across the country. At, you can explore an array of nature parks home to birds. Here are some of the top parks to look out for:


David Fleay Wildlife Park 

David Fleay Wildlife Park boasts an impressive selection of Australian birds including emus, brolgas and pelicans! While you can appreciate these birds from afar, you can also learn all about these incredible creatures from one of the park’s rangers in the park’s amphitheatre!

Dedicated to the memory of the naturalist David Fleay, David Fleay Wildlife Park is an educational park based in ecotourism. Located in Queensland, is mainly home to Queensland’s native species and other animals apart from birds, such as koalas, kangaroos and platypus, but you can discover curious creatures from all over Australia!

Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World 

Set in the idyllic, lush setting of the botanical gardens, Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World is an absolute paradise for bird lovers with over 700 different exotic bird species! From South American Conures to Lorikeets, Maleny Botanic Gardens is home to birds from all over the world.

If you are looking for more interactive experiences, then Maleny Botanic Gardens offers several immersive encounters in the park’s different aviaries. Situated on the sunshine coast, the park is a wonderful break from busy cities and a wonderful way to appreciate nature! 

Bird World Kuranda

Located deep in the beautiful, colourful Kuranda rainforest just north of Cairns, Bird World Kuranda is home to over 350 exotic bird species and boasts the largest collection of free-flying birds in Australia.

While you take in the park’s natural, green surroundings, you can appreciate a plethora of unique bird species including Major Mitchell Cockatoos, Galahs Rainbow Lorikeets, Southern Cassowaries and Fig Parrots.

Offering a range of educational talks and interactive experiences with the experts, Bird World Kuranda is also a great place to visit for the newbies! You can easily reach Bird World Kuranda by both public transport or car from Cairns, making it an easy and enjoyable day out!

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