Visit These 3 Continents to Check the Best Sports Events in 2021


You may have noticed that most of the important events of this year were rescheduled for 2021 because of the global pandemic. From the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo to the Euro 2020 finals, to champion league fixtures, here is the sportive calendar to inspire you to visit stunning destinations around the globe.

Remember to check and respect the safety travel policies of each country you are visiting this year or in the future.

Six Nations 2021 | The UK, Italy, and France

 The Six Nations is one important sports event that was supposed to have its fixtures this year, but it is now postponed to early 2021. One of the most popular rugby tournaments will be held in several parts of Europe with matches in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, and Italy – where the “six nations” competing are from.

I still remember watching a rugby match a couple of years ago for the first time and it took me a while to understand the game itself. But I was fascinated with the discipline and energy of this sport that is so popular in the UK.

If you like rugby, it is your chance to travel through some nice European capitals to check some of the best nations in rugby.

 The Summer Olympic Games| Japan

 I still cannot believe the Olympic Games were postponed this year. It seems surreal, but of course, it was the best decision taken considering the Coronavirus pandemic issues. I am quite excited to watch these Olympic games held in the summer in Tokyo, Japan.

It is not the first time an Olympic Games is held in Japan, and as you can imagine, the city will be crowded with tourists that will be willing to indulge themselves in the Japanese culture while watching some of the best athletes in the world.

CONMEBOL 2021 – Copa America | Argentina and Colombia

If you like football, you need to visit South America at some point in your life, and I am not just telling it just because I come from a country that holds 5 World Cups. But visiting South America you can combine the passion for football to sightseeing in countries with gorgeous landscapes and amazing landmarks in one single visit.

So why not track to Colombia and/or Argentina to watch some games and indulge yourself in a bit of culture and leisure too?

Conmebol– Copa America is the “Euro” of South Americans, and the competition will be held in Argentina and Colombia between June and July next year.


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