Traveling with Pets | What you Need to Know


If you are an animal owner, you think of your pet as a part of your family. You consider fulfilling all its needs and well-being. For obvious reasons, on planning a travel schedule, you don’t want your pet to stay at home.

Unlike the old days, travelling with your pets is now getting easier with pet-friendly hotels. Your pets travel with you as the travel and tourism industry has seen a flow of accommodations to support pet-friendly travels.

 When it comes to the latest trends in hospitality, you may even find that some of the best hotels will grant your pets the same respect they grant you. Hostiles like Canalside Inn love to house your pets.

They understand the importance of managing an array of pet-friendly spaces. From walking paths and dog trails for you and your pet to an outdoor shower for your pet, every pet-friendly room comes with Pet-Friendly Amenities like treats and toys.

 However, you should always learn about the requirements and policies to check in to your room. If you are planning a vacation and think of including your pet, this post is for you.

The points mentioned below will let you know about the pet-friendly rules hotels have. Let us review these rules.

 Rules at pet-friendly hotels

Every pet-friendly hotel has its own set of rules, and these rules can vary among chain hotel locations. When you travel with your pet, make sure that your hotel has all the pet policies in writing. You need to know things such as

  1. If a hotel has the facility to house your pet at all times during your visit.
  2. Learn about the hotel’s leash policy.
  3. Some hotels have leash-free policies and leash-free play areas for your pet. If you want that your pet doesn’t remain under restraints, you should choose a hotel having leash-free policies.
  4.  The pet-friendliest hotels provide sheets to be placed on furniture and used to cover the bed, so the pet is free to relax next to its owner and the whole family can enjoy.

 Only a few hotels maintain the quality of their rooms no matter what the circumstance is. They even supply special pet towels and wipes to streamline this process.

There are some other requirements that most pet-friendly hotels possess. Make sure that you examine the hotel requirements for pet owners before you book your stay.

Pet-friendly hotels requirements

Most pet-friendly hotels have the same basic requirements including:


      Must not have fleas

      Must have proof of current vaccinations

      Must use the specified areas designated for your pet.

      Owners must clean pet waste immediately and dispose of it in specified containers. 

Other common requirements include a non-refundable pet guest fee or a refundable deposit to guard against damages. There are hotels which are friendlier than others.

They show no niggard in supplies of emergency food, waste-disposal bags, dog leashes, kennels and carriers, pet beds and bedding, treats, gifts, and even pet services, including grooming, walking, sitting, and veterinary care.

Only a few hotels understand how important your pet is to you and may even pamper it, while others are less understanding. It is not easier for you to leave your pet at home.

So when you plan for a vacation or book a stay considers having all the information about pet-friendly hotels.

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