How Many Types Of Fabrics Are Available Around The World?

There are just too many fabrics out there that we could not pick what’s best for our homes. Curtain fabrics being an integral part of our homes must be chosen critically so as to be able to bring out the atmosphere we would want to portray in our homes. Yet, we must also know the types of fabrics we’re buying so we would be able to know how our chosen fabrics are.

 When you want to ask about the different types of fabrics in the market, we can give you the most prominent fabrics that are ever bought by most homeowners. There are actually a lot of varieties of fabrics that are now sold for drapery and upholstery. Yet, let’s uncover the basics.


Cotton is the most typical fabric that can ever be found in the fabric market today. Because of its availability and affordability, it is considered one of the basic types of fabric one can find. Cotton is a cool fabric and can also come in different varieties depending on how it is woven and structured to achieve a fabric for drapery and upholstery as well.


Considered one of the strongest fabrics one could ever find; most homeowners prefer it because of its durability when used for drapery and upholstery. Velvet fabrics are just woven thick so it can be resistant to pilling and shrinking. It is also very consistent in giving a fresh and clean look either for drapes or for couches. 


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that feels just like cotton. It is breathable and cool that homeowners prefer buying it during summer days. Polyester is also mixed with other natural fibres so as to bring more durability and fabric-like feeling to your pieces of cloth.


Linen fabrics are made from natural fibres that also provide an airy atmosphere to homes. Its billowy look does not block natural light from coming in while also assisting in the additional ventilation of your homes. Linens are one of the most common types of fabrics you can ever find in the market. Because of its affordability and purpose, it’s mostly preferred by those new to fabric shopping.



One of the most expensive fabrics out there, silk is a fabric that reflects light and provides an elegant and posh look to your rooms. Silk also is a cool fabric, which also makes it good to be covered on your furniture to give a cool touch to your sofas and couches. Yet, there are now synthetic and other alternatives to silk. One of the best places to buy affordable silk fabrics is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. 


 Chenille is the most common fabric used for upholstery. Due to its piled and textured cloth, it’s best at hiding away small dirt so your chairs would always look and feel lean. Chenille fabric is warm and is also best for cold seasons.


Leather is a classic type of fabric used for sofas and furniture. It is a waterproof and durable fabric and it ages well over time. One of the best fabric suppliers for faux leather is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They guarantee that their leathers are affordable while also not compromising their performance.


 Make sure to buy your fabrics at trusted fabric stores to get the most out of your upholstery and curtain fabrics. When you’re trying to look for one, it’s best to visit the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They offer the widest variety of fabrics, may it be manufactured from mixed fibres or not, so as to satisfy every homeowner’s desires. 

 The Yorkshire Fabric Shop also has its fabrics always available so you can always have your fabric shopping rush and never worry about running out of fabrics. They also even cater to clients online so you can have the most convenient fabric shopping experience!

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