7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Wine, my friends, is atemporal. A classic that barely anyone resists. Apparently, it is also a good choice of present for this Christmas. After all, everyone knows someone who is a wine enthusiast.

I am this friend, by the way. And my drink of the choice this Christmas will be wine, for sure!

I have been studying wine for quite a while now. I still have Malbec as my favourite grape and Argentina’s wine as my favourite producers. But I do confess it is great to

But I do confess that I do not have all the wine gadgets that I would love to have; so why not preparing a gift guide with some pressie ideas that I would love to win. And I guess everyone into wine would love to.

It is always important to remember – if you are going to drink this Christmas, drink with moderation.

Picnic Wine Table

Christmas in the UK is usually cold and dump. But it does not mean you cannot aim for this portable picnic wine table as a perfect present this festive season.

It is a perfect pressie to use indoors as well. After all, who would not like to have a glass of prosecco for breakfast in bed? I am on it.

Letterbox Wine

Fancy some Wine in your letterbox, love? I beg your pardon. That is what you heard. I will be honest with you – This is a present that I would like to win on every single special occasion. This Letterbox Wine is exactly what it says – a whole bottle of wine in a unique multi-award-winning flat bottle designed to fit straight through the letterbox! Sorted!

I just loved the idea and I guess it would be the most perfect and practical present to family and friends this Christmas too. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a bottle of a fine Spanish white wine or a red one on your doorstep? Plus, this gorgeous Prezzy Box is made with total recycled material.

Wine Freeze Cooling Mug

I know you would not do it all the time, but who else thinks the urge to have a glass of wine in your hands when working from home sometimes? One glass, after that boring Friday afternoon meeting at Zoom, is fine, isn’t it?

So, here it is why a Wine Freeze Cooling Mug can be a good match for a present. Or maybe you just need to keep your prosecco cool while watching Christmas movies. This will work as well!

Electric Wine Opener

The future is bright, and the future is here to keep our glasses full. Here is something to stop us from being annoyed by the usual “the cork stuck in a bottle again” moment.

We try, we wait, we try again, and sometimes end up breaking the cork and not opening any bottle. You do not want anyone with empty glasses during the Christmas celebration, do you? The electric wine corkscrew is life’s safe and keep corks intact as well. Something that is great if you collect them. Like I do.


Bamboo Bathtub Bridge

There is nothing more relaxing than a good soak after a long busy and cold day. This year, we probably had more longer days than expected. I guess it is time to invest in a bathtub bridge for good.

I love bamboo products and this one seems to be quite practical. And it can be used to place red wine bottles, wine glasses, towels, books, aromatherapy, tablets, soaps, and other bath products.

Wine Wall Rack

Saving space is something that fascinates me when I think of the interior design. This wine wall rack is what I would like to give myself this Christmas. A modern and practical metal rack to storage your favourite wine. It looks fantastic on the wall and it does not take too much space in the kitchen, of course.

Wine Calendar 2021

I know you are thinking it as well. We cannot wait to say goodbye to 2021. It is true. Even with all uncertainties, a new year can bring, this one just thought on every single of us.

People like to have their calendars sorted way before the start of a new year, so why not looking for an original present like a Winer calendar?

This one is a “gourmet calendar” to discover culinary specialties and illustrations of vines from 12 geographical areas to decorate your home or to make a gift that accompanies it all year round!

*I received the products complimentary from PrezzoBox for testing purposes. 

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