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Let’s go straight to the point where – the immediate impact plastic is having on our planet is devastating. The statistics are shocking, 30% of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) ends up in the oceans.

Just In 2019 itself, it was removed 14 tonnes of plastic from the oceans, and as you can imagine – it is set to double this year. Needless to say, we need to take urgent actions now.

As plastic is still the most durable and versatile material, we are constantly looking for eco-alternatives to substitute it. That is why we cannot ditch plastic altogether. Even though, many of us still want to make more eco-conscious purchases.

Some brands have developed environmentally friendly packaging to help us to beat the plastic pollution. BetterYou is one example of business investing in extensive research to provide products with sustainable packaging using planet-friendly plastics across its product range.

Once used, you just need to remove the cap, unscrew the pump from the bottle and recycle all components with your plastic recycling. Brilliant!

I have used BetterYou products for quite a while, and I can’t even measure the importance of taking supplements like vitamin C and D – especially in a year like 2020 if you know what I mean. Knowing more about their eco-friendly policies makes me happy about the choices I have made.

But despite the effort of many eco-brands out there, recycling is still far from being the most effective alternative on reducing the waste in this planet. Plus, sometimes it is not quite clear yet for us what we can or cannot recycle. It is confusing and tiring to understand sometimes.

That is why BetterYou has also developed three initiatives to help us revolutionise our relationship with plastic. One of these initiatives is the Better Planet Project.

What is The Better Planet Project?

It is a campaign for a single and universally adopted recycling programme that wants to improve then recycling infrastructure and help to educate their costumers on how to recycle their packaging.

A programme that could make all recyclable plastic collected, sorted, and processed.

The Better Planet Project has the mission of providing a more sustainable approach to plastic packaging through the transformation of their entire product range to ocean recycled or plant-based plastic – all 100% recyclable.

BetterYou is always working on new ways and measures to minimise the environmental impact such as measuring their energy consumption or making plastic bottles from plants.

How can we get involved?

You can start with simple measures such as recycling all BetterYou package appropriately. And if your local recycling facility is unable to recycle it for you, you can always contact them via email to receive a Freepost envelope to return your used packaging to them.

But it is also important to join the petition now for a better UK recycling programme. The camping aims a government-driven national programme for recycling with published performance measures, public and commercial education programmes, and an incentivised plastic recycling scheme.

Get involved! After all, there is no other planet to call it home. It’s our responsibility to beat the climate change and get involved in projects like this now.

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*I received the products complimentary from BetterYou for testing purposes. 

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  1. Great post. It always baffles me how we are in 2021 and companies are still allowed to use non-recylacble packaging. Or even how some councils don’t yet take everything that can be recycled. The government needs to step up.

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