My Wall Art Inspirational Ideas for 2021

It is nearly 2021, and all we need is a bit of colour to start the year on the right mood after facing a so complicated year. I like to be an optimist and make plans and projects to lighten up my mood. Considering I am on a hunt for a new home, I have home improvement as my main passion at this moment.

That is the reason I have decided to wall art project ideas. Yay. As you probably already noticed in previous posts, I do love a bit of art on my walls. This time, I am looking for trends that can be a must-go-for in 2021. So, I had a look at some wall art collections from independent artists that I have found at Fine Art America to get you inspired too.

Pantone Canvas Prints

I do love colourful pieces to break the mood of an ambient. Pantene collections are usually stylish, with its contemporary art prints, which add touches of happy, optimistic colour to the home and office. By the way, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) patronised the colour palettes that we know nowadays.

Let’s start with the Tranquillity canvas print by Linda Woods. It is what should a Pantone piece of art represents – all colours combining pan and tone. I just love the idea of having the canvas prints ready to hang on your wall. No drama.

Japanese Inspired tapestries

Yep, you know I am obsessed with Japanese culture. It started when I was quite young and growing up in the city with the second-largest Japanese community in the world did help me to be fascinated about it.

I would definitely have more Japanese art at home. So what not starting with some gorgeous tapestries ideas? A tapestry can give your ambient touch of modernity with the handmade textures that compound this fine art.

I like art with women being portrayed as a strong and inspiring character. My living room screams for this gorgeous Japanese Women Reading and Writing tapestry by Katsukawa Shunsho.

Deco Art Illustrations

Who does not love a bit of deco art? I love vintage, and I think every single room should have a piece of abstract art at home. It is timeless and classic. You can`t go wrong with a bit of art nouveau and Bauhaus style.

This is an art print from Studio Grafiikka’s collection of vintage posters from the golden age of illustration.

The Votes for Women – Vintage Propaganda Poster would be perfectly placed at the hall or entrance of my home, by the way.

Brutalist Art Prints

I love black and white art. You probably will not see prints of pets and cute babies on my wall. I like colours placed in the right piece of art. Something discreet that makes people curious about it. Something that can remate you to a personal art gallery.

As my husband is keen on architecture and skyscrapers, I guess our home would and should have some art prints of concrete buildings and brutalist art on it.

There is nothing better than this Birmingham Brutalist Cityscape Art Print by Karen Cross to represent our love for urbanism and the city we live in.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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