Quirky Airbnb Studio Apartment in Budapest | Hungary

It has been a while since I have written about the accommodations we have picked for our trips. The reason? We did not go abroad in 2020, of course. So, let us get a bit inspired to hopefully start looking for new destinations to explore soon.

I always wanted to go to Budapest, but we did not want to spend only a couple of hours in the city. Do, our “where to stay” is in Budapest, and it was in Vaci Street – one of the most popular pedestrian streets in this famous European capital.

For one night, we thought that a small studio apartment would do the job. I do confess to being a bit worried about the noise during ng the night, but nothing my good pair of earplugs would not solve, anyway.

To my surprise, this studio apartment was better than expected. The flat is located on the ground floor of a well-maintained 5-storey building. Its size and the allocation of spaces make it comfortable for up to 2 guests.

I do love Hungarian architecture, but this building was something else! The discreet entrance and the open garden that surrounds the building take us to the apartment are quite lovely.

I did not expect to have a so secluded flat in a quite busy pedestrian street.

As soon as you enter the flat you can see it has been renovated with the utmost care for design. It is a modern flat with plenty of space to accommodate two people on a short-term visit to Budapest. The flat is 17 sqm large, split on a ground floor level (12 sqm) and an open mezzanine (5 sqm) overlooking the living room. The mezzanine offers a double bed of 150 cm in width.

I like the idea it is located on the ground floor of a well-maintained 5-storey building. It is not a huge place, but its space is planned to distribute the space in an elegant way. Giving the guest enough privacy. The fact that the double bed is located upstairs on the mezzanine, makes the spaces feel spacious. And cosy at the same time.

I do love the bathroom. It was spacious and had enough room to have a nice shower after a long day walking around the capital. I love the spiral staircase and all the wall art displayed in this flat. It gives an elegant touch to space.

The paintings are one-only copy prints of contemporary Hungarian artists, while the Batman drawings were done by the Airbnb owner during his early twenties. The hand-made tiffany window also commemorates this period. I love places full of character like this one.

I am not a big fan of the kitchen though despite its vibrant colours. But it was missing some kitchen appliances that would be necessary if you spend more than one weekend in the space. Nothing that would be a big problem anyway. But I love the quirky mood it gives to the ambient though. Ans you have a cook, anyway.

The bed was quite comfy. We had a lovely night of sleep and it made us regret not staying one more night in Budapest itself.

Overall, it is a gem considering we were in the middle of a busy capital and it was in a quite quiet space. We did not hear a peep and I expected to have some noise even on a Tuesday night. Brilliant. I would stay in this flat again, and I do recommend it to people looking for a flat located in the city centre of this amazing city.

Simone Ribeiro
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