Thinking About your Next Trip? Avoid Making These Holiday Mistakes

Are you already thinking ahead to your next holiday? It may be months or even years in the planning but arranging your trip now can save you a whole load of trouble further down the line. Especially if your trip is cancelled or delayed due to coronavirus.

If your holiday has been ruined due to Covid-19 you need to understand your consumer rights, so check out this infographic from Creditfix for the latest holiday cancellation information.

Coronavirus aside, did you know that most of us will suffer a holiday mishap at some point in our lives? From accidents to lost passports, here we’ll take a look at the most common holiday mishaps and how you can avoid them when you (finally) get to travel.

Not checking the date on your passport

Blowing the dust off your passport will be a wonderful moment. But being told at check-in that your passport is out of date – not so much! Before you book any flights or holiday packages, always check the date on your passport. You should have at least 6 months left on your passport before you travel.

Bear in mind that some destinations won’t permit entry into the country with limited time left on your passport. So, check your dates and the entry requirements of your destination.

Your itinerary is too ambitious

Chances are, by the time your next vacation comes to fruition, it may have been a while since you last travelled overseas. In these kinds of circumstances, it’s only natural to want to make the most of your time abroad and fill your itinerary with as many activities as possible.

While making the most of your break is essential, if you try to do too much you’re only going to become stressed and agitated. Being late, missing your slot, trying to get the kids dressed and fed so you can head out…sounds far too much like an average weekday! Instead of cramming in too many activities, try to be as flexible as possible and take everyone’s needs and wants into consideration.

Not keeping your bank in the loop

Imagine enjoying a wonderful meal with your family, and when you come to pay you suddenly find all your cards have been declined. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for people who don’t inform their banking providers that they’ll be using their cards overseas. Your bank is likely to block your bank account when it detects sudden transactions abroad – keep them in the loop so you can enjoy your holiday!

And finally, not taking out medical insurance

Worryingly, many holidaymakers take out travel insurance yet neglect to investigate medical cover. While your travel insurance will cover you for late or cancelled flights, issues with your holiday package or lost luggage, it may not cover you for your medical needs. Taking out medical cover for you and your family ensures that if you need medical attention, medicines or emergency treatments, you’ll be fully covered and not left with a hefty bill.

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