5 Holiday Destinations for Cannabis Lovers


With several countries worldwide relaxing the laws regarding the use of marijuana, many more destinations have opened up for lovers of the green herb. No matter what your preference, there’s a place for you to visit where you can relax and enjoy your puff.

Of course, nowadays, buying online is a fantastic way for cannabis enthusiasts to get hold of the products they love – with online shopping soaring in popularity year after year, online cannabis sales are showing no signs of slowing down. Online sales continue to rise now that there are so many businesses selling cannabis on the internet. After all, once a smoker finds a trustworthy cannabis company, they will stick to it. However, there is still something quite special about visiting an area in person to try the cannabis products that are on offer.

Take a look at our top five holiday destinations for cannabis lovers.

The Netherlands

It’s no secret that Holland has always had a more lax approach regarding the use of cannabis. For decades, cannabis lovers have flocked to the country and, in particular, to Amsterdam. Since the ‘70s, the Dutch police have been instructed to ignore places selling weed once they have followed specific guidelines.

They see the cannabis subculture as an essential generator of revenue, but you should check the local laws to be sure before you visit. If you’re planning to travel to Holland, get prepared with Me Time Box to take advantage of all the world-famous “Coffee-shops” and the large variety of green on offer.


Cambodia is a country that’s more off the beaten track than most, and there’s a relaxed attitude surrounding cannabis that’s friendly towards visitors. Marijuana is illegal in Cambodia, yet the police seem to tolerate its sale and consumption.

The nation is lenient enough to be considered a smokers paradise. Several variants are available for purchase at the local markets at low prices. You might come across a small eatery offering “happy pizza,” which is cooked with the herb for a powerful edible high.


The cannabis culture in Spain is different from any other country. It attracts tourists who want to experience the world of weed within its borders, but it’s not easy to get inside one of its social clubs. To gain entry, you have to sign up for a paid membership first.

In this way, when you hand them money to purchase a high-quality joint, you’re donating towards the club’s non-profit plantation project for members. Be sure to visit a part of Spain where regional authorities tolerate marijuana clubs.


The region has long been associated with dagga. There’s a significant community of cannabis growers in Jamaica, and its tropical climate is perfect for the cultivation of weed. The government is looking to develop the industry of medical marijuana for research and prescription medicines.

There were some changes regarding possession, and anything less than two ounces is now a petty offence. The herb hasn’t been formally legalized for retail, but knowledgeable locals will help you find some high-quality weed to enjoy discreetly.


The country is a popular tourist destination for its fantastic wildlife and natural parks. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, tourism figures boomed.

The prime minister legalized the plant at a federal level, which means that each province can open sales for regulated, quality-controlled cannabis. Even before weed was made legal, there were several coffee shops where smokers could light up openly.

Final Thoughts

From the mountains to the islands, there are plenty of places that are friendly to cannabis lovers. You can visit the Netherlands with its abundance of spots where you can relax and savour a smoke. A few countries away are Spain, where you can join a club to enjoy some of the best quality weed.

Cambodia and Jamaica are still not entirely out in the open but smoking isn’t frowned upon, and both have a healthy industry for cultivating marijuana. Canada has legalized the sale and use of cannabis throughout. So pack your hiking boots, hit a store for some green, and head to the hills to enjoy the view while you puff away.

Simone Ribeiro
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