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You may have noticed how important is to keep looking for better ways of improving our health. From eating clean food to keep hydrated, we have started 2021 thinking about better ways of keeping healthier. Even during the lockdown! After all, the pandemic has taught me a valuable lesson – it is better to remorse than regret. Keep moving. Even if it means moving at home.

It certainly comes useful when you think about the importance of drinking enough water to keep our body hydrated. I know quite a few people that do not like drinking water. But I never had this problem. I have always a bottle of water next to me. Every single day.

What about you? Do you know how much water should we drink every day?  I know it is difficult to maintain a routine sometimes. But investing in a reusable water bottle can be a good solution for those who need to want to keep more hydrated, but still does not know how to start.

Plus, eco-friendly water bottles are good for the planet too. They are made of sustainable materials and a great tool to beat single-plastic use. To make things better, this month I am teaming up with Super Sparrow to introduce you to some nice models of water bottles.

I have been trying several models of Super Sparrow water bottles, and here are my thoughts on it.

What is Super Sparrow?

The company was founded in 2015, with the aim of providing people with the ability to easily enjoy both hot and cold drinks and always stay hydrated on-the-go.

All our bottles are eco-friendly, reusable, odourless, safe and BPA free, leak & dustproof. They are working hard to keep you hydrated, healthy and have in their hands a stylish water bottle as well.

The good news is – Do you want to win a gorgeous Standard Mouth Water bottle by Super Sparrow? Enter now here for the chance of winning your Super Sparrow water bottle.

And here are my 4 Super Sparrow picks to go for in 2021.

Tristan Sports Water Bottle | Sports Bottle

A BPA-free plastic bottle can be the lighter alternative to a reusable bottle that you would like to have with you when hiking or exercising outdoor.  The Tristan Sports water bottles are highly functional, and it is ergonomically shaped to make one-handed use a breeze.

The long tough carry-strap and a special reflective frosted casing have unique and positive actions on the environment.

I love its design and the spill-proof top swings open with a one-handed push of a button that is 100% leak-proof. It’s great to keep at your locker at work, bring on a short weekend out, or taking with you to the gym.

Super Sparrow | Wide Mouth

Are you looking for a bottle that keeps the right temperature of your drink? This Super Sparrow wide mouth is a unique stainless-steel double-walled vacuum insulated technology with a vacuum-seal cap.

The tight combination of the bottle cap and bottle body keeps your drink /Liquids cold 24 hours or hot 12 hours. It does what it says – stay cold & keep it warm!

Plus, this stylish cap comes with a flexible handle to make it easy to carry with you throughout your day. Just love it.

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle | Small Mouth

Here is a bottle that features a modern shape and familiar lines for easy pour and packability. Unlike other leading wine flasks or bags, the Super Sparrow small-mouth has a powder coat, which gives you a solid grip.

The Powder Coat works with premium insulation, which prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle. Its food-grade stainless steel construction provides pure taste, no breakage, and protection from heat and light.

Insulated Stainless Steel | Standard Mouth

What I love most about this Super Sparrow Wide Mouth bottle is the fact it comes with two interchangeable caps. – the Sport cap effortlessly delivers a high flow rate that makes it easy to drink from your bottle without removing the cap, (2) Loop cap with super-secure carabineer for securing to bags for outdoor use, for the most attractive!

Investing in a quality stainless steel water bottle is manufactured from durable materials, for a bottle that can withstand your toughest workouts! They are a perfect match for keeping hot or cold drinks at the right temperature.

It is ergonomically shaped to make one-handed use a breeze, perfect for hardwearing use, unlike cheap plastic that can split and crack. It is both stylish and convenient to use, and each bottle comes in a gift box – which makes it a great present.

*I received the products complimentary from Super Sparrow for testing purposes. 

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