Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her and Him & Giveaways

I cannot believe it is already February! The fact is another Valentine’s Day is coming, and I know you thought it would be a different one. We cannot be gathering or booking a table at our favourite restaurant to celebrate the date. But we still can make it special treating your other half (or yourself – if you are your own valentine for the day!) with a perfect gift.

And if you want to really make a difference this year, why not thinking outside the box, going for a sustainable pressie?

I know this country is obsessed with paper cards and like sending them every single occasion. The fact is the planet does not need more waste.

I do confess my husband and do not make a big fuss of Valentine’s day gifts. Simple because we prefer to spend the money on a ticket to see our favourite bands, or we save the money to treat ourselves during our holidays with a nice dinner in some quirky city around the world, for example.

Yep. I know 2021 already started with not so few possibilities of entertainment outdoors. But you can still make a difference and opt for an e-card Valentine’s Day card or make a special video to surprise your date.

Here are some of my favourite eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for her and him.

Booze, anyone?

For Her

Pink Gin – I do not think I need to say how popular gin has become popular again along the years. And If you think it is overrated. It is because you are doing it wrong.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality distilleries in the UK. And if you are a gin lover, you should go for the aromatic and refreshing taste of a Strawberry gin.

I am completely obsessed with this pink gin. It is less sweet than most of the pink gins and has no added sugar. All Mermaid gins are presented in a plastic-free bottle with 100% recyclable – even the seal is plant-based and biodegradable.

For Him

Miniature Valentine’s Gift Set – Here it is a beautifully sculpted miniature to treat your other half.

The fancy package comes with a smooth yet complex, Mermaid Gin, with the freshness of lemon zest and fragrant rock sapphire; a miniature of the pink gin mentioned above, and the salt vodka, that is infused with locally (meaning – Isle of Wright) sourced sea salt that enhances its smoothness and flour.

Perfect pressie for my hubby, that sometimes, is just interested in a drink (or three) while watching a football match.

Sustainable Sourced Selfcare

For Her

Who does not like candles? I am completely obsessed with candles with a subtle fragrance. And I do confess that this toasted coconut scented candle would be something that I would love to have at home on any occasion. It is simply stunning, and it comes with a beautiful eco bag.

Plus, the candle vegan-friendly, ethically sourced and hand-poured using organic soy wax infused with essential oils. Every ingredient is planet-friendly and sustainable! I am totally in love with it. And I think you should be as well.

Or even better, why not giving this candle this Valentine’s day for someone that means a lot to you? Best friend, boyfriend, sister, mother, or father. I guarantee they will be over the moon.

For Him

Men are practical, right? Most of them are not interested in spending time on self-care or any complicated task. But we must admit that shaving is something that some men usually need to take seriously.

The good news is – it can be practical, environmental free and elegant as well.

So, here you are – the perfect treat for your men at this Valentine’s Day. And for all women that also prefer zero waste shaving.

The sustainable bamboo safety razor sets all come packaged plastic-free in a stunning, bespoke designed kraft paper gift box, accompanied by one of our trademark natural jute travel pouches. It is gorgeous indeed.

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Pamper Letterbox Hamper

For Her

This Valentine’s day will be all about surprising your other half without shopping outdoors for long hours. By the way, it sounds like a dream for me.  It does not mean that we need to go for the trivial pressie.

Why not being a bit creative this time. After all, our special person deserves a right royal pampering. Treat them to the box full of goodies they deserve with our Pamper Box Letterbox Hamper!

After all, every single woman loves some treats sweets. This special box is Full of delish treats and beauty gifts. From a delicious chocolate bar to cookies and a gorgeous hand cream.

For Him


Men are practical, but they deserve to be spoiled rotten too.  This luxurious grooming gift set is a perfect match for the man of your life.

The lucky one will be gifted with a vintage-style box that holds four travel-sized products including a body wash, a facial wash, an aftershave balm, and a luxury soap, all of which are infused with a signature Thistle & Black Pepper scent.

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Eco-Fitness Gear

For Her

The year just started, and we may not have many outdoor spaces to exercise. But we still can go for a walk around the block to keep our fitness on track. That is the reason I would invest in sports reusable bottle as a perfect eco-gear this Valentine’s day.

Fitness heroine or not, we need to be hydrated. This sports water bottle is not only cute but also made of Co-polyester plastic that is SAFE to your body and environmentally friendly.

For Him

For the boys that like running and need a sweet-proof and anti-slip water bottle, this elegant stainless steel bottle can be a perfect gif this year. This water bottle is Suitable for iced cold water, tea, coffee, soup, energy drinks, still, fizzy fruit juice and so on.

Plus, it is not only a sleek present with elegant design. It also provides a healthy, reusable, sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

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Personalised Gifts

For Her

We must agree that engraved presents are timeless. They are elegant, unique and make any occasion special. So, why not investing in a personalised engraved gift this Valentine’s Day?  This gorgeous, crafted silver rose is a great match and a unique way to express your love.

I do confess I would offer this beautiful rose to my mum if she wasn`t so far from me, in Brazil now. And I know some romantic couples would be happy to receive something so personal.

For Him

A classic leather wallet is also a popular present for any special occasion. Made with premium brown leather wallet, personalised with gold, silver or blind embossed initials. It will be certainly a gift worth remembering.

This engraved wallet with discreet initials on its outside is an elegant gift that can make any men feel special.

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