Making Our Homes More Kid Friendly

A home without kids! I can’t fathom that. Kids make our homes lively, and they are the future of everything in this world. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to find a home without a kid. That said, it is now obvious that kids are part and parcel of any home, and no home would be complete without these little angels.

Thus, the least we can do is to ensure that our homes make it easy for the kids to play and live a quality life. To make our homes kids friendly, there are many things we can do, from looking up a contemporary rug design and colour guide to redesigning spaces to be safer for them, and we don’t necessarily need to spend big on doing so.

Addressing Any Injury Risks

Ensuring that our homes do not pose any injury risks to our children is more than essential. How slippery are the floors? When shopping for our floor tiles, for instance, we should keep our kids in mind. The same goes when shopping for rugs, mats, throws, and other soft furnishings.

None of us wants to come back from work only to find that their little ones are injured. This is why we need to keep them in mind when designing our homes. Another way of preventing injuries is to install stairs that are kid-friendly. The stairs should not be too steep as this could result in accidents.

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Having a Playground

If I’m buying or building a home, a playground is one thing I must consider, and lack of it would be enough to prevent me from purchasing a home however nice it looks. A playground doesn’t need to be like a football pitch; it doesn’t have to be that big. Just a medium-sized space in our backyard or front space would be enough for our children to play. We must not forget that kids are always playful, and that is their nature.

Besides, playing comes with its own benefits, which include keeping our kids active. And with a sedentary lifestyle proving to be a health issue in adulthood, having a playground at home can introduce our children to an active way of life. The kids also get to socialize during playtime, and they get to learn things such as language so quickly as they interact with each other.

Installing kids’ stuff such as swings and seesaws in their playground will only take their fun to a whole new level. Of course, our kids don’t need to visit a resort to gain access to these things. If we really love and value our kids, then we may not feel the pain of purchasing play equipment for them.


My last born is two years old now, and he always wants to get out of the compound every time he finds an opportunity. That is something I wouldn’t allow given that there have been cases of kidnapping. Besides, there are cars and bikes out there, and some drivers and riders are just reckless.

So, what can we do to ensure that our homes are safe for our children? First, our gates must remain closed at all times, unless someone is coming in or going out. Another way of ensuring that our kids are safe is by hiring a house helper who can always keep tabs on them. These people play a very important role as far as the safety of our kids is concerned, even though some of us don’t seem to appreciate them enough.

The Toys

We have all owned at least one toy in our childhood. That is because toys and kids are inseparable. Hence, it is best to treat our kids just the same way our parents treated us. If we buy toys for our kids, this not only keeps them engaged, but they will also get excited about the items, and they will give us ample time to accomplish our domestic chores as they play.


A home with plenty of shade is best suited for children. There are times of the year when the sunshine is harsh on our skin, and failure to provide our children with a shade under which they can play amounts to injustice. We don’t have to spend money on an artificial shade. We can simply plant trees in our compound, and that will give us a good amount of shade.

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