Awesome Little Known Destinations to Have on Your Bucket List

Travelling is a widely explored activity around the world. We all have dream destinations, which, most of the time, are highly popularised destinations. Globally, there are inexhaustible travel destinations, and countless ways to get there. From luxury Jettly options to budget ferries, the choice is nearly endless.

Personally, travelling is a great hobby. I have explored different countries around the world. In this piece, I will share some of the little known places to visit. I have had a first-hand experience with most of them while others left me in awe from reading, hearing, or watching stuff about them. Some awesome little-known destinations I would advise any traveller to have on their bucket list include:

The Blue Lake at Jiuzhaigou National Park

This is an unpopular travel destination located in China. A deliberate desire to discover amazing secret places led me to this gem. The Blue Lake is on the Min Mountains which are near the Tibetan Plateau.

This destination is distant from Beijing, a reason why it is not very much known. The 1375 meter long lake became a World Heritage site in 1992. This place has an amazing view and can be a good escape from the real world.

Tinago Falls, Philippines

Travelling to the Tinago falls located in the Philippines is on my to-do list. I have come across several travel enthusiasts praising this destination. From my findings, there are several fun things one can engage in at the scenic falls.

There is a cave tucked behind the Tinago falls which I will explore once I get there. From the pictures I have seen, I would recommend adding the destination to any traveller’s bucket list.

Andaman Islands

My trip to India led me to the Andaman Islands. When heading to India, I did not have this destination in mind due to its unpopularity. My tour guide recommended the islands and from my experience, I would advise anyone to consider exploring the location. Among the 572 Islands in this destination, only a few are accessible to tourists to help protect indigenous wildlife and communities. I experienced spectacular sunrises and sunsets while at the Islands.

Lake Ohrid

For lovers of lake views, this lake in North Macedonia is a perfect site. Lake Ohrid is a large freshwater lake that is quite unknown to international tourists. Most people who visit the lake are local tourists.

The large lake is surrounded by waterfront monasteries and rolling hills that give it an outstanding view. There is delicious local food one can enjoy here. When planning my itinerary to Macedonia, I have to include a day or two at Lake Ohrid to experience what I have been hearing and reading about the place.

Vang Vien, Laos

Vang Vien is a small city in Laos which I enjoyed during my travel there. The city has grown in recent years to become an eco-tourism paradise. I would recommend hiking and zip-lining lovers to add this place to their bucket list. Attractions that made my stay here spectacular include lagoons and caves. To access the hidden caves, I travelled by kayaks or boats along a river. For me, a trip to Asia will always be incomplete without visiting this small town of Laos.

Tatra Mountains

The Tatra Mountains are located between Slovakia and Poland. This is a perfect travel destination to explore all year round. I am a big fan of mountain climbing expeditions. Exploring these mountains sandwiched between two countries was a must for me. They provide a good hiking experience for tourists.

I liked the place because it is pocket friendly and has unique treats like enjoying the finger-licking dishes such as the warm sheep cheese with handmade pasta served there. While at the highest peaks of the mountain, I had a crystal clear view of the region.

The Kimberly, Australia

The Kimberly is an ancient wilderness landscape in Australia. Despite its age, the destination is little known among tourists. I usually hear stories about this place and how big it is.

The place is in a remote area, a reason why it is not widely known. Attractions to enjoy here include ancient canyons, waterfalls, and beaches. From the stories I get, the sights here are amazing and I will soon visit the place. I expect that swimming in the natural freshwater pools which are under waterfalls will be a great treat. I would recommend other travel enthusiasts to explore this Australian destination.

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