The NBA Arenas you Have to Visit

Elite level basketball is the most frantic, end to end sports you will ever see. Whether you’re based in the US or just over for a visit, you simply have to take in a NBA game.

That said, there are some places that are better than others to take it all in. Here we look at the NBA arenas you have to visit.

Number 5 | United Center

The first arena on our list happens to be the largest of the five in our rundown at a 23,500 capacity. The old Chicago Stadium was a big part of the Bulls’ history and the new United Center kept hold of a lot of that design whilst implementing a host of modern additions. One extra design feature was the shaping of the venue.

The United Center has been constructed in such a manner to amplify crowd noise, which in turn creates a terrific atmosphere. Finally, we can’t talk about the Bulls home stadium without touching on the statue of Michael Jordan.

Whether you’re talking about defensive players, offensive players or all-around players, MJ is simply the greatest of all time and the opportunity to take a snap next to him is one worth taking.

Number 4 | American Airlines Arena

There is an awful lot to like about the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena. Whether you’re looking for strong staff service inside the venue or a depth of options outside, you’ll be guaranteed both with this waterside 20,000 capacity court.

The striking white design is visible across the water from Biscayane Bay at all times but it’s when the sun goes down that the glass-panelled front lights up to really make the venue ‘pop’.

If you’re looking for a standout feature to pull you to the Triple-A over another venue though then the scoreboard might be the thing that tempts you in; although the 60 plus restaurants in the immediate vicinity are noteworthy too.

Number 3 | Fiserv Forum

The Fiserv Forum, which is due to allow fans to return, is the relatively new home of the Milwaukee Bucks. From the outside, the 18,000-capacity arena cuts an impressive figure as the orange-come-brown bricks form a sweeping wave-like structure over silver and glass-paned frontage.

Inside, you’ve got an enormous jumbotron dominating the ceiling space but there is no doubting what the crowning feature is; there is a spick and span Miller’s bar in the concourse with countless screens dotted around.

You won’t need them though. Rather than separate the bar from the court, the designers, Populous, decided to keep the concourse open-sided meaning you can get your orders in at the bar without missing out on any action as end-to-end views of the court are still yours.

Number 2 | Madison Square Garden

That’s right, Madison Square Garden is not number one on our list of the NBA arenas you have to visit!! MSG, the home of the New York Knicks, is probably the most iconic sporting venue in the world and despite undergoing several renovations it’s kept hold of its charm. The most recent update cost the best part of $1bn!

To be fair though, they’ve done a wonderful job. The circular stands seat 21,000 fans with mammoth concourses added to further add to the experience of those in attendance. Our favourite feature though is the fly-over style walkways; these run across the basketball court meaning spectators can actually get a birds’ eye view of the court.

Outside of the venue, you’ve got a plethora of eateries and bars to get your pre-game fill whilst it’s not too far to escape the hustle and bustle if it’s not your thing with a river bound walk not too far away. The only downside to Madison Square Garden is, well, the team!


Number 1 | Staples Center

So, the Staples Center is an incredible arena to visit regardless of the game taking place but, if given the choice, we’d recommend you attend when the LA Lakers are playing rather than the Clippers. The duo both use the venue for their home matches.

The Clippers aren’t a bad side but the Lakers, who won the Championship last season, are a lot of people’s benchmark for what the NBA is. The Staples Center, which is surrounded by restaurants and bars with 50 within a literal stone’s throw, is a glorious building from inside and out.

If attending for basketball, you’ll be one of circa 19,000 watching on with most seats situated in the lower part of the bowl-shaped stadium; this puts you closer to the action and increases the intimacy. On the outside, you’ll find Star Plaza; that’s a walkway with statues dedicated to some true sporting greats.

There you have it, the NBA arenas you have to visit. If you love the NBA read this article on the best defensive players ever in the history of the league:

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