Why Men Should Consider Removing Their Body Hair?

Removing body hair is not only in fashion these days but is also considered a hot topic for debate among men. Some men take the step of removing hair from their bodies to flaunt their looks and some simply don’t go for it.

On that note, in case you are one of those men who are still unsure of adopting Laser hair removal then be sure to keep in mind that there are lots of benefits in doing so and they can be in any of the following forms –

It protects men from embarrassing body odour

Men need to accept the fact that their body hair is one of the many reasons why they have body odour which often leaves them feeling embarrassed.

However, this issue can be controlled with some deodorant but can be eradicated if men choose to remove hair from their underarms. The body hair in your underarms acts as a breeding ground for odour causing bacteria. This happens when the bacteria break down the sweat emanating from your underarms.

Hence, to keep bacteria and odour away from your armpits, choose to remove hair from your body.

Removing body hair gives men a competitive advantage

This applies to men who spend a lot of time in the cricket fields, sprint tracks and all known forms of sports arenas.

Removing body hair allows competitive men to have the extra boost that they need to make it big in competitive events like –

  • Boxing
  • Swimming and
  • Cycling

Here’s the explanation –

In the case of boxing, men with body hair can lose their boxing gloves amidst a fight due to excess sweat accumulation in and around their gloves. Removing body hair can keep excess sweat at bay and also help a boxer to steer clear from such instances. Similarly, in the case of professional cyclists and swimmers, getting rid of body hair can help the athlete to reduce drag when they are cutting through air and water.

Convincing, right!?

Body hair doesn’t save men from the ill-effects of the sun

Yes! You read that right. There are some men out there who think that their body hair will keep their skin from the ill-effects of the sun but that is not the case.

As per dermatologists, body hair entraps droplets of sweat which in turn magnifies the rays of the sun on the area of the skin beneath the same. This not only increases the overall temperature of the skin but also intensifies the damage that follows with extensive exposure to UV radiation.

To keep such instances at bay, dermatologists advise men to get rid of their body hair using modern hair removal techniques such as laser hair removal. Sure, you will have to put on sunscreen every time you step out into the sun but that is way better than subjecting your skin to the intensified ill-effects of the sun, don’t you agree!?

Removing body hair can help men not only have smooth skin that can resemble the bonnet of their favourite sports car but will also allow them to boost their self-confidence.

These two aspects along with the reasons mentioned above should be motivating enough for any man to book an appointment at the leading body hair removal clinic today. For more details on the matter, one should get in touch with their dermatologist right away.

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