The top tips for buying a used Campervan

Campervans come in many different types and interior configurations, so it is essential for you to pick the one you desire and which will work for you. While a new campervan would be ideal but most people don’t have that budget and that shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from getting into self-drive holidays. The million-dollar question to ask yourself is why should you buy a used campervan? Below are the top 6 tips to help you find the used campervan of your dreams.

Things to consider before buying a used campervan

  • Set a budget

The idea of buying your dream campervan may get you carried away and lead you into breaking the bank to buy it. This should not be the case as you will have to make compromises before buying a campervan and be keen on how much you will spend on it. You can decide to buy it outright with cash or by using some form of a financial package or bank loan, whichever the case you will need to have a definite degree of realism when buying your campervan.

  • Consider other possible costs

Your used campervan may not be a breeze and thus you might have to incur other costs. This is common for car owners, right? Among the costs that you should be wary of are servicing and repairs, camping equipment, roadside assistance if needed, interest repayments (if financed) and insurance. Get an insurance quote from campervan insurance specialists to ensure your campervan will go a long way to serve you.

  • What to check when reviewing

As it is with buying second-hand vehicles you will need to check it over not once or twice. The engine, chassis, transmission and bodywork are the main areas to check. For the engine, you need to leave it to an expert unless you know your mechanics.

  • Consider space limitations

Owning a campervan means many things and one of them is being organized. If the space is tight then you will have to travel light, to enable you to move around the living space you need to take the minimum amount of essentials. If you are clever with storage solutions then a campervan will give you a great amount of versatility.

  • Ask for its age

We all know it’s a used campervan but knowing the age of the campervan is important to help you know what you are dealing with. It is a no-brainer the newer the van the higher the purchase will be. This explains why most buyers opt for older vans, besides these vans have more history and character compared to the newer models. In a range of various ages choose the one that will best suit you.

  • What will use the campervan for?

This is rather obvious; there is more to this than just travelling in it. If you are planning to use it for festivals, weekends, day trips or for holidays then campervan is ideal and great. If you have other plans such as longer tours you will have to consider your levels of comfort.

Final thoughts

Once you have bought your campervan, pack it to the brim, plan your first journey and put the key in the ignition. Head off and have fun!


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