Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day + Giveaways

Mother’s Day 2021 is nearly here! It does not look like it will be different from the 2020 one, does it? After all, we are still dealing with the consequences of a global pandemic, and the lockdown in the UK is still a reality.

However, not everything is lost yet. The truth is we will probably celebrate the date via zoom, respecting the social distance and our family’s bubble in a safe environment, but with lots of love, of course. This is the perfect time to spread the amazing power of tiny gestures.

For this reason, I have put together some handmade gift ideas to warm and cosy up the hearts of the beloved mothers, new mums, grandmothers and all inspiring women that are important in your life. Hope these amazing independent brands can inspire you, as they inspired me.

Spa Home Hands with Bag | Pure Lakes


Natural skincare is my choice of present for any special occasion in life. It would not be different this Mother’s Day. Thinking about it, I have picked a perfect natural skincare gift to create my own space at home. Pure Lakes has been producing award-winning natural skincare products since 2006.

The body and face set contains a face mask (clay, cleanser, toner, and spatula); salt scrub (Mimosa & Petitgrain), and Shea Body Butter (Mimosa & Petitgrain). All Pure Lakes products are natural, ethical, and cruel free.

Coconut Husk Soap Bar & Ginger and Spice Exfoliant Bar | Jungle Culture

Here is something that every mom will love – a special combo of natural soap bars. These natural soap bars are handmade in Vietnam by artisan soap makers. The ginger & spice exfoliant bar improves circulation and relaxes tense muscles, while the coconut husk bar is a perfect match to hydrate and moisturise the skin. It is just everything the superwomen in your life would need to have a perfect Mother’s Day.

I am passionate about Jungle Culture’s ethos and core, and you can check more about the brand and the products here.

Love Nature Tote Bag | Creature Candy

Here is a present with a meaning! This gorgeous Love Nature Bag is made of a thick cotton canvas, and it is designed to raise funds for the children’s charity Greenfingers – this charity creates gardens for children in hospices and gives them a special place to spend time with loved ones.

I love tote bags, and I guess they are a perfect present in times when we need to ditch single-use plastic for good in our lives.

And if you are worried about not being able to see your loved ones now, Creature Candy can send your gift direct to them, including a personal message to make the occasion more special.

GIVEAWAY – Enter now to Win a Bone China Bee Mug by Creature Candy

Small Batch’s Bourbon | Four Roses

“Instead of a bouquet of flowers for your mum this year, how about just four?” I am with you. If you really want to make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day, you should consider a nice bottle of Four Roses Small Batch bourbon. After all, we cannot go wrong with quality booze in the lockdown.

Small Batch has been one of Britain’s favourites, and go-to spirits to replicate bourbon-based cocktails- such as the Old-Fashioned or Manhattan. I love it, and I guess every woman should treat themselves to this fine spirit. Cheers!

Premium Chocolate Bars | Made in B

What else can be a more perfect present for any special occasion than a nice collection of six artisan chocolate bars? Using sustainably sourced cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Colombia, they are lovingly hand-made by our artisan in the heart of Scotland.

Calum Haggerty was a firefighter before he became the owner of this fascinating venture in 2013. They work with his chocolate partners in origin, Colombia, to ensure that they are paid and treated.

The chocolate pack includes the following flavours: Earl Grey & Bergamot, Cold Brew Coffee, Colombian Plain Milk, Passion Fruit, Plain Milk Bar, and Rhubarb & Ginger. Just delicious!

Made in B celebrates the rich and diverse work of local artisans, manufacturers and small businesses from Britain, Bharat, and Bhutan.

Nurse’s Watch | Engravers Guild of London

I don`t know about you, but I have a special healthcare worker in my life that deserves only the best. If you are lucky enough to have a family member working for NHS at this delicate moment, it is time to give them this gorgeous present. This nurse watch features thoroughly contemporary styling, showcasing a marble-effect dial, rose gold case and Arabic numerals, as well as a supple leather strap.

it brings out a sense of fun that can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys expressing a unique style and is young at heart. The engraving is made with the finest quality diamond-tipped cutter to create a beautiful gift.

A Little Box of Mindful Moments | Chilli Winter

Mindfulness – is something so important in 2020, and I can`t even imagine spending 2021 without my regular meditation sessions. Some people would opt for yoga as well. But what else can be a good addition to lip up and connect our spirit, body, and soul?

Candles, of course! Nothing beats the wonderful fragrance of scented candles to enhance your mood. That is the reason I truly think a  little box of mindful moments can be a perfect pressie to bring this inner peace feeling to mothers out there.

Sometimes, we just do not realise that we just need to take 15-20 for ourselves to pause and reflect on the day, life, etc. This time is now!

World’s Best Mam Card and Notebook | For the Love of The North

Mothers, in general, love tiny type gestures of love like receiving cards on special occasions. It is indeed a nice gesture that matters a lot. We get it.

So, if you are going to treat your beloved ones with a nice card this year, why not choose a gift from an indie brand that values the local culture? I have chosen this combo World’s best Mam card and notebook that can be a quite unique pressie on Mother’s Day.

I quite like the ethos and core of For the Love of the North because it values and celebrates local creatives from the East North of the UK. I think you will love it too.

GIVEAWAY – Enter now to Win a World’s Best Mammy China Mug by For the Love of the North

Mini Zip Clutch | Shakiti.ism 

green handbag

I am not going to lie. If I would choose a present for my mom from this list, this sari mini clutch bag would be in the top three of my choices. I just love the pattern, simplicity, and elegance of this product handmade by talented artisan women in Mumbai.

I am sure my mom will love it. A practical pressie is always a good match to keep bits and bobs organised.

Every mom likes to carry stuff around wherever they go. This is my bag of choice to keep in the handbag or even carry solo. Plus, I cannot believe its price. I do recommend you check Shakiti.ism out now to see what other lovely pressies you can get for yourself or your beloved ones.

GIVEAWAY – Enter now to Win an Independence Sari Tote Bag by Shakti.ism

Philip Schofield’s Flat Bottle Wine | When in Rome

bottle of wine

I think you already noticed my passion for wine reading this blog. But since I have found the flat bottle ones, I keep coming back for more. This time, I am here to spread the news on this amazing partnership between Phillip Schofield and When in Rome to bring us a fine selection of exquisite Italian ones delivered straight to their letterbox.

The Phillip’s wine selection starts with a bottle of Nero di Troia IGP Puglia Red Wine would be just the perfect pressie for all special moms out there! Besides being a quite elegant and gorgeous present, a flat bottle of wine also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the wine industry, and you can come back for more topping it up with the refill box. Genious!

Cashmere Brooch | Field and Fabric

red broach

Finally, I would like you to think about all the suggestions for presents on this list. They are all handmade by brands that put care into every single piece to create something that will be unique.

This is the case of a gorgeous upcycled brooch made from 100% cashmere that is part of the lovely Field and Fabric collections. I am sure every special woman in your life would love to have this lovely brooch this Mother’s Day or on any special occasion this year.

Handmade presents are great, and I guess you should give them a go from now on!

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