5 U.S. Cities to Visit If You Love the Outdoors

Spending time in the outdoors is proven to boost our moods, lower depression, and helps us to feel more motivated to enjoy life. Especially now with having spent so much of our time indoors over the past year and into this year, it is vital for our mental and physical health to get outside! So, where should you go? We have a few ideas of places that will help you get outside and enjoy your time there!

Denver, CO

You may not think that Denver has much to offer, but it is a highly underrated location. Plus, the flights from Denver are so affordable. You will be able to get there and back without even coming close to breaking the bank. You can have some outdoor fun at the Botanic Gardens, or you can get off the beaten path and do some hiking and camping.

The sites are beautiful, and you will be amazed by what you will see there. And you can even see the beauty from different perspectives. Like on a bike, by foot, on a scooter throughout the city, or from the sky in a hot air balloon. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to what you can do outdoors in Denver!

Jackson Hole, WY

Making your way to Jackson Hole is a great escape from the outside world. It is quaint, beautiful, and calm. Plus, staying there will get you close to Yellowstone National Park, where you can hike, bike, and see the outdoors! Once in the National Park, you can see the hydrothermal pools, hot springs, and amazing wildlife.

If you want to really enjoy your time while there, you can even camp, just make sure you pack all the right camping gear like a high-quality tent. This will be a destination you won’t soon forget.

Williams, AZ

The charming town of Williams will get you close to The Grand Canyon, all while enjoying the small-town vibes. You can walk down their main street and you will be surrounded by small shops, restaurants, and good old-fashioned Western culture.

Williams serves as a great gateway to The Grand Canyon, and it gives you a place to stay if you aren’t ready for backpacking through the canyon to camp. Plus, you can ride the train to and from the Canyon, giving you a new perspective and view of the amazing beauty!

San Diego, CA

Though San Diego is a city, it is still full of beautiful sites that you must see if you love the outdoors. Kayaking the La Jolla Shores beach and caves, biking along with Mission, Pacific, and Ocean Beach, hiking at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, or participating in water activities on Mission Bay.

There are so many outdoor activities that focus on health and fitness that you can take part in, and then enjoy the nightlife once you are done exploring. San Diego has a good balance of outdoor activities and indoor rest and relaxation options.

Waimea, HI

Ok, we know that Hawaii is a given when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, but we think it is time to make your way to a lesser-known island. The Island of Kauai! It is a place that is borderline magical and really provides you with an amazing outdoors experience.

Of course, the beaches are the first stop on your journey, but there is another site that is bound to drop your jaw, Waimea Canyon. They call it “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and for good reason. Though it isn’t as big as the Arizonian Grand Canyon you know and love, it is unique in many other ways. The lush greenery, the red dirt, and rugged crags are all unforgettable images you must see!

Alright, now that you have a few ideas, it’s time to get to planning and get out there! We hope you land in a place that gets you outside and that you enjoy your time there!

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