Making Rhubarb Gin Cocktails | A Vemacity’s Gin Glasses Review

It is quite funny to think now that took me some time to get me into gin. The truth is that it didn’t appeal to me until the day I have visited a famous gin distillery in the Cotswold a couple of years ago.

Then, when I have joined my first gin festival  I had the first indulgence in a quite delicate and fascinating process of mixing botanicals, opening my mind to the fascinating world of crafted gin.

Holland seems to seem like the birthplace of this popular spirit. But I guess that it is in the UK that you can make the most of it. And no, gin is not overrated at all. You just need to be a bit creative when elaborating on your favourite drinks.

That is the reason I am here to introduce two easy cocktails recipes. This time, I am going for one of my absolute favourites – Whitley Neills’ rhubarb and ginger gin.

I am also happy to introduce you to my new set of Copa gin glasses by Vemacity that was kindly sent to me to be reviewed.

How can we choose the best gin making kit?

So, are you ready for the craft gin revolution? First things first, choosing the right glassware is an important part of all cocktail making process.

Thinking about this, Vemacity put together a range of handmade gin glass sets to inspire any ginenthusiasts out there.


What is inside?

  • 2 x Handmade Copa Gin Glasses (700ml)
  • Silver Double-sided Jigger
  • Silver Cocktail Mixing Spoon

Here are some benefits I have would like to highlight from my Vemacity gin glasses set:

  • Stylist Gin Box:

Mine is a rose gold set, but you can opt for gold, silver or even a personalised set. Just perfect to give it to friends and family on any special occasion.

I quite like to think that it is an investment. After all, if matching the perfect botanical with a fine garnish of your choice is a kind of art, you should display and serve it in a quality and stylish way as well.

Nowadays, gin is synonymous with elegance and style. We better appreciate all steps of gin-making when having a quality making kit. Not to mention, the drink with your eye’s fact makes the whole process quite exciting too.

  • Enhances the Aroma

An aroma is a powerful tool. It not only enhances the flavours, but it also can change your mood. Gin is all about aromas. Did you know that this large gin glass has a wide top diameter to intensify the botanical aromas that will be packed with your gin?

  • When sizes matter!

I am quite impressed with the large Copa shape of these glasses, to be honest. I have prepared three cocktails for this post, and It was better to share all of them with my husband than making every single one to each other. Otherwise, we would not be able to finish all of them, and I would not be writing this now without a hangover.

This is not a downside. I quite love the idea of adding large ice cubes, colourful fresh garnish and being quite creative when preparing the cocktails at this glass. You can make the most of it and have a gorgeous presentation.

Plus, the double-sided jigger and cocktail spoon is a nice combo to help you master your perfect serving.

It is Gin o’clock time!

  • Strawberry & Rhubarb

Berries are an excellent match to a pink rhubarb gin. It adds a lot of freshness to your cocktail. It’s perfect for a summer night drink with friends.


  • 100ml gin
  • 539g tin British rhubarb in light syrup
  • 200ml Indian tonic water
  • ¼ lemon, juiced
  • 2 strawberries, sliced
  • small fresh mint leaves



Fill 2 glasses with ice, then add the gin. Strain the syrup from the tin of rhubarb and add 50ml to each glass.

Stir to combine, then top up with the tonic water and lemon juice. Add the strawberries and mint leaves to serve.

  • Seaside Gin & Tonic

I love lemon and I guess gin and tonic go pretty well with citric fruits. I can`t have enough of it. Simple and elegant.


  • 50ml Seaside Rhubarb and Ginger gin
  • 50ml good quality tonic water
  • Ice
  • Garnish – fresh thyme (or Rosemary) and a grapefruit twist (or lemon twist)


  1. Add ice to a glass.
  2. Pour the gin over ice and add tonic.
  3. Garnish with thyme and a grapefruit twist (or lemon twist).

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*I received the products complimentary from Vemacity for testing purposes

Let me know what of these two cocktails you would go for?


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