The Environmental Benefits of Switching to Bamboo Clothing

If you’re trying to be more environmentally considerate, then you might want to think about changing your clothing. Some of your favourite brands, while they may look good and feel good, often engage in some destructive practices from an environmental standpoint.

Bamboo clothing is a good alternative to big-brand fashion labels because it is a pretty good choice for the environmentally conscious. Let’s check out exactly why this is the case, and what it means for your wardrobe and sustainable lifestyle.

Highly Sustainable

One of the most immediate benefits of bamboo, and perhaps the most important detail, is that it can be a sustainable clothing choice because the bamboo crop itself is sustainable.

Bamboo is a grass that grows quickly. It doesn’t need any kind of assistance in the shape of fertiliser, and it can keep growing from the roots. This self-regeneration makes it so that you don’t have to replant it.

When we compare this to cotton, which needs a lot of labour, water to grow and nurture it, and chemical pesticides to ensure growth, bamboo has a clear advantage. It doesn’t damage the environment or make it so that there are massive amounts of resources to harvest it.

Fewer Chemicals

 The success of bamboo can probably be attributed to where the majority of it comes from – China. This may cause some people mild concern considering China has cultivated a reputation for the mass distribution of junk, but the truth is a little more optimistic.

The Chinese government has really enforced crackdowns on the use of chemicals to grow crops, and it is now considered unethical and bad business practice. If we compared this to something like cotton, which is frequently farmed with the aid of chemicals for the largest yield of usable materials, bamboo is comparatively better for the environment.

Stronger Overall

 A big benefit of bamboo is that it is a tough material. Bamboo sticks are frequently employed for use in situations where something tough is required. The fibres of bamboo have good tensile strength and can take a lot of damage.

This means that bamboo clothing will last longer than alternatives like polymers and cotton. You won’t have to replace them as much, so you’re minimising your own carbon footprint and reducing the amount of waste you generate. That’s good news for the environment and a welcome sigh of relief for your bank account!

Final Thoughts

Is bamboo perfect? No, but no product is. What bamboo is, however, is much environmentally sustainable compared to something like cotton or those weird polymer hybrids. At the end of the day, you want something that will help you to get the best choices from an environmentally friendly perspective.

Looking after the environment is something a lot of us are concerned with and switching to a sustainable clothing line is a good way to do it. Bamboo clothing can be a good way to avoid the pitfalls of cotton and find yourself a great option in terms of fashion.

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