Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read 


Introducing your child to the wonders of books and stories can be very exciting. Teaching them to read, however, can often prove to be a frustrating experience for both you and your child. That’s why, together with guidance from a Prep School in Hertfordshire, we’ve put together some tips to help you when it comes to teaching your children to read.

Read to Them 

Reading to your children from babyhood can help instill that fascination with storytelling, as they will associate it with a sense of fun thanks to the enthusiastic way you tell the story (along with colourful illustrations to accompany the words). They’ll also associate reading with being something shared together, a comforting experience, making reading something they will want to embrace.


Have a Book Friendly Household 

If there are plenty of books around the house, it will encourage curiosity about the written word. If they know they can easily pick up a book to read either by themselves or with you, they will feel more compelled to explore the pages of books.

Play Word Games 

Helping your child get used to different words of all sizes can improve their reading skills. Make up some word games to play around the house, be it spelling tasks or tackling big words phonetically. That way they can gain confidence when it comes to seeing words written down on a page.

Talk About Stories with Them 

Asking questions to your children about what they’re reading can help engage their minds with the words that they are taking in. Getting them to share their favourite characters and recalling favourite bits helps your child connect with the stories they’re reading on a deeper and more considerate level. Encouraging them to reread their favourite books and stories also helps to build fluency and confidence.


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