Ultimate Guide: Discovering London

The cyclone that was 2020 and the ongoing pandemic means that more people are starting to see London in a whole new light.

While it may appear as though it’s impossible to enjoy everything London has to offer due to social distancing, the reality is that there’s still lots to do and see.

A Guide to Discovering London

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Where to Stay

From luxury hotels to small boutique properties, there’s no shortage of accommodation options in the city. London hotels feature centric designs and are available for travellers having different tastes and budgets.

If hotels aren’t for you, you can always opt to stay in the grand plaza serviced apartments London. The apartments are located in a prime residential area and are favoured by business and leisure travellers thanks to their easy connection to Heathrow Expressway, Notting Hill, and West End.

Top Things to Do

Visitors to the city soon come to realize that there’s no shortage of things to do. Popular places include:

  • A Visit to the British Museum: The British Museum has an unparalleled collection of Greek and Roman Art. Outside Egypt, its collection is the second largest in the world. The museum is home to treasures collected from Mesopotamia, Roman Britain, India, Japan, and China.
  • King’s Cross Redevelopment: Take a leisurely walk around the redevelopment that’s slowly being transformed by public squares, restaurants, and galleries.
  • Ride the London Eye: The London Eye sits on the banks of the River Thames opposite Westminster. It provides its riders with sweeping panoramic views of the city as they make their way around the giant Ferris wheel. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the city.
  • Visit the V & A for a World-Class Exhibition: The V&A is a world-class museum and a home to cathedral culture. Although its high-profile ticketed exhibitions tend to sell out fast, it has permanent exhibits that are free to see.



Top Neighbourhoods to Visit

London is home to some of the most delightful, unusual, and interesting neighbourhoods in the country. The best ones to visit include:

  • The West End: It’s the bustling and beating heart of the city where you can’t lack something to do or see in each of its many corners.
  • Camden: The most famous attraction here is the Camden Market. Make sure to visit the neighbourhood if you like fashion, people, and cool music.
  • Peckham: Although it doesn’t feature prominently in many visitor’s itineraries, Peckham has become the South’s Camden. It’s filled with pop-up bars, art studios, and trendy cafes.

Best Time to Visit London

Unlike other major cities in the World, London is one city you can visit at any time of the year. There’s always lots of things to do and see regardless of the season or the prevailing weather.

During summer, visitors, locals, and tourists alike flock to the beer gardens, parks, and streets. In autumn, the city becomes multi-coloured with falling leaves and beautiful scenery.


London is an electric city that also serves as the heart and soul of the United Kingdom. It has lots to offer first-time and seasoned visitors. The city is culturally diverse and historically significant, making every visit a memorable one.

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