A Parents’ Guide to GCSEs


GCSEs can feel like a big significant step for your children. It is where they really start to focus their studies on their interests and make choices that could influence their future career paths. Teaming with a School that offers one year GCSE programmes, we’ve put together a parent’s guide to GCSEs, to show you some of the ways that you can help tackle the world of GCSE.

Choosing Subjects 

It will be at the end of Year 9 that your children will be asked to select what subjects they would like to do at the GCSE level. While English, Maths, and Science are usually mandatory, your child’s school should offer a variety of other subjects that your child can study, from Geography to Art, to Business Studies and Photography.

Encourage your child to have a serious think about what it is in life that most interests them, and what kind of career they may have in their mind, no matter how foggy that image may be. Help them to find the subjects that connect with them, and ones that might help make that image of their future seem a little clear. 


Once their GCSEs have been picked and Year 10 is up and running, that’s when the fun stuff really begins! Some children may find the leap from Key Stage 3 to GCSE a little daunting, and the pressure might get to them.

Keep them calm, remind them that they will need a bit of time to adapt, and provide them with all the relevant resources that they’ll need to make their learning easier. That’s things like the right textbooks, revision guides, and the equipment for specific subjects that they might not even know that they need. 


The exam season for GCSEs usually falls around mid to late Summer term, beginning not too long after return from the May half-term break. During the revision period, bringing structure into their revision days is a great way to help your child keep their head above water. Little and often is the best course of action, as it will keep your child from getting too frustrated or bored. 


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