Top tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

Teaching your child a new language can be a great way to set them up for future success. Not only will it look appealing on their CVs, but it can also help with their understanding of the world as a whole. With guidance from a Prep School in Hertfordshire, we’ve put together some top tips for ways that you can assist your child when it comes to learning a new language. 

Introduce a New Language Early 

They do say it becomes harder to learn a new language as you get older, so it stands to reason that you would want to introduce a new language early in your child’s learning development. Being exposed to a new language early can only go on to increase your child’s chances of mastering that language as they continue to learn. 

Explore Language Classes 

If you yourself cannot teach the language, explore what children’s language classes there are online and in your local area. Learning with a native speaker teacher and going on the journey with other children will give them a fuller learning experience, as well as make it a fun social event to look forward to. 

Practice in Everyday Life 

Help your child bring the new language they are learning into the everyday fabric of your life at home. This can include referring to objects and household items by their translation or playing songs and TV programs in the language.

It will help your child normalise the idea of learning a new language, as well as see how the language can be practically implemented in the real world.  

Keep Expectations in Check 

As much as you can encourage the learning of a new language, try not to put pressure on too much. No one learns particularly well if they feel as though they are under too much pressure, particularly children.

They may not take to the learning as quickly as you would hope, but patience is key to helping unlock their potential when it comes to their bilingual potential. 

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