Must-Have Eco-Friendly Picnic Essentials

April is just around the corner! For us here in the UK it means three things: good Spring weather, Easter and the most important of all – a bit of freedom with the lockdown about to be lifted in some weeks.

It also means we will be able to enjoy the outdoors for a bit, yet with all necessary precautions and the government guideline, of course. And nature, food (and freedom) mean one thing to me- it is picnic time! But for making the most of a picnic in your back garden or parks, you should be packed with must-have essentials, don’t you agree?

Like in any outdoor event, it is better to think about convenience. Think this way, I have put together a guide to the best eco-friendly picnic essentials. After all, you need to know how to party with trashing. Respect nature and enjoy the hopefully, nice weather. And do not forget to have a compostable plastic bag to collect all your waste.

Eco-friendly picnic basket

You must have to think about practicality, but also sustainability. A perfect picnic hamper must be safe and durable. But remember you are going for a picnic in your backyard, not abroad. You certainly need something special, but affordable as well. This oval picnic hamper is a perfect match for storing food, cluttery and all necessary bits and bobs for your trip to the park.

Craft beers, everyone?

After sorting out all snacks, sandwiches, and fruit salad, it is time to think about drinks. Kids will be well happy with any kind of pop, and juice. Adults, however, will expect a bit of effort. Besides choosing a quite fresh and fruity wine, I would also get ready to share some craft beers because you know, we just want the best.

In this case, I have a crate of Round Corner Brewery beers ready to go! The pack of six of its hoppiest beers into a fantastic Easter gift pack. The six represent the very best of the brewery – which is based in the country’s oldest market, in the centre of the UK’s ‘rural food capital’, Melton Mowbray. Love it. Plus, canned beers are always a more sustainable alternative when recycling.

Reusable Sandwich Wrap

I love being creative when it comes to preparing my own food for picnics and short trips. It would be different when choosing where to carry my delicious sarnies.

This reusable sandwich wrap is a great way to put an end to single-use plastic, wrap up your lunch in this great eco alternative. Plus, the gorgeous Helen Round design just gives that elegant touch to your picnic. It is easy to use envelope style with Velcro fastening, Lightweight, yet extremely strong, and when out, use it as a plate and a napkin!

This gorgeous design sandwich wrap is a long-lasting product that could be washed over and over in the machine or by hand.

Aromatherapy Candles

Fancy a more romantic or relaxing picnic? After all, a couple can also relax in the backyard and make the most of it, isn’t it? It will be warmer nights that will be made for celebrating this Spring coming soon. I cannot think of anything cosier than having candle lights all around when opening a favourite bottle of red while nibbling some fine cheese.

This Gift Set of Aromatherapy candles is just what you need! Made of 100% pure soy wax (sustainably sourced), handmade with organic essential oils.  All made by hand by us on the Isle of Wight, each candle has a unique purpose in that they are remedial, reflected in their name: calm, breathe, energise, uplifting, and rest. Nothing more appropriate for these times.

Let’s boost and enhance your sense of well-being, so whilst the soft glow and warmth of the light work to help soothe and slow you down.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

Bamboo, anyone? As you have noticed, I do love bamboo products. But I also look for quality products made of this versatile material. And we just need to agree that a nice set of cutleries must be on the checklist of any outdoor activity that involves food.

This bamboo cutlery set is ethically sourced and handmade by skilled local artisans in Vietnam. These utensil sets are lightweight and fold to easily fit in your purse, handbag, or jacket pocket. Ideal as a plastic-free alternative for eating on the go, lunch, picnics, and takeaways.

Recycled Rice Husk Lunchbox

When we think about the meal to go, I have in mind this lunchbox not only for its practicality but also for its sustainability. If you are not familiar with rice husk, it is a quite strong material that looks like a plastic bound with polypropylene. Its environmental impact is the lowest among any material.

This gorgeous rice rusk lunchbox is a perfect solution to the use of rice rusk as a recycled material, as well as, it is an aesthetic item to display on your picnic table.

GiveawayWin a Sustainable Rice Rusk Lunchbox by Pasoluna

The Dormouse Apron

There is nothing more exciting than preparing a nice BBQ for the family when the warmer days come. Barbecues can be also part of a picnic session, why not? So, If you want to go for a full barbie experience, why not invest in a gorgeous design apron too? I love the Creative Candy aprons, and I guess you will like them too.

This 100% cotton apron features a beautifully hand-drawn image of a hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius. A perfect gift for lovers of baking or those with a fondness for wildlife and nature.

GiveawayWin a Bone China Bee Mug by Creature Candy

Sari Tote Bag

A tote bag is one of the most useful items you can carry with you. They are everywhere. You should take them everywhere. They can be a good match for carrying food, snacks, tableware, and other supplies for preparing a perfect picnic too.

These vibrant one-of-a-kind repurposed sari shopping bags are meticulously handcrafted by empowered artisan makers in Pondicherry, India. Plus, the makers earn fair wages for making these bags, so your purchase directly impacts the lives of disadvantaged women!

Collapsible Water Bottle

Kids need to be hydrated during the warmer days. It is fundamental to keep a bottle of water around. On the other hand, you do not want them running around with glasses.  This collapsible one can be the perfect alternative for a picnic or a day out.

This portable collapsible water bottle is an affordable and resistant item that you should have in your bag. It is great in size and weight, and the stretch has an unbreakable silicone body and is made from the highest-grade silicon meaning the end for replacing broken plastic bottles.

Recycled Tableware

Another way of avoiding glass or plastic is bringing these colourful, individual dining sets comprising a bamboo fibre plate, bowl, and cup to your picnic.

This unique set is perfectly made of Bamboo fibre; an innovative, dishwasher safe composite mostly consisting of recycled bamboo powder. This recycled tableware is available in different colours, you can mix and match the sets to bring a lot of colour to your table next time you celebrate the outdoors.

Edible Rice Straws

Yes, I do confess that I have never heard about edible rice straws before. But they are here to stay. And it can be the best supply you can add to your eco-living. These drinking straws are 100% good for the planet, and they will break down in compost after only seven days in seawater and 90 days in ordinary waste conditions. Perfect.

The best alternative to single-use plastic and a fun item to add for your picnic. They are colourful and durable.

Leakproof Food Containers


A fantastically handy set of 3 leakproof food containers. There’s a size for every eventuality here (200ml, 400ml & 600ml). Use these containers for taking snacks and salads out with you or for storing leftovers.

These colourful food-grade silicone lids give a 100% leakproof seal and are easy to open and close. They are especially easy for little hands and great for popping inside lunchboxes or for after school snacks.

Simone Ribeiro
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