Most Scenic Motorcycle Routes in the UK

I am not a big fan of motorcycles. But I do understand what makes people so fascinated by those powerful machines. The freedom, the adrenaline, and the speed, and it is probably the best way of experiencing scenic routes wherever you may take your bike. It is everything about the ride, not the finishing line.

And you do not even need to go abroad to find the best routes for motorcycling. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to the best scenic roads in the UK, and this country has some of the most spectacular routes to ride.

Some of them I have the chance to check by car. And even if you don’t have a bike, I would have it a go once in life if you have the chance.

Just remember that safety comes first. It does not matter if you want to join a bike tour from north to south with your friends or just a solo rider, use The Bike Insurer to compare motorcycle insurance quotes before reaching your favourite route.

Here is a list of the most scenic motorcycle routes in the UK.

B6277 – Alston to Middleton in Teesdale | Cumbria

I have been to Cumbria for the first time last September, and I do not even know how to start describing the gorgeous routes that we have found nearby Alston. Besides, the stunning landscape, and quietness of this remote area at the beginning of the Autumn, this was also the place where I have seen more motorcycles.

They are everywhere, and it was quite scary to be bypassed by many of them almost like every route we have taken. And according to bikers who have visited the area before, it’s a kind of secret spot with great high-speed corners, and you need to be fast. Just watch out for the sheep. They are also everywhere.

A54/A537 – Buxton to Macclesfield | Peak District

Peak District itself is already a must-visit spot in the UK. But if you are looking for more adventure. The also known Cat and Fiddle route is one of the favourite biking routes around the country. And did you know this route is called Cat & Fiddle because of a legendary 17th-century pub and Inn of the same name?

The pub is at the top of the hill and you will not miss it. The scenery is everything that you should expect of a route between Derbyshire and Cheshire. It is quite popular with motorcyclists, as you can imagine.  Consequently, one of the most dangerous routes as well.

A2 – Larne to Ballycastle | Northern Ireland

Here is one of my favourites, and the journey that I have not to check with my own eyes yet. The road is also referred to as Antrim Coast Road due to its scenic views of the coastline in County Antrim.

The route is considered one of the best tourist journeys around the world; which makes the spot a quite popular attraction in the summer. For bikers, it is just a paradise made of smooth roads and stunning coastline views. Do not miss the landmarks and landscapes fulfilled with castles, causeways, and some historic tunnels and arches during the journey.

A835 – Inverness to Ullapool | Scotland

In my opinion, Scotland is the most beautiful part of this country. It probably has the most iconic remote roads in the far north of the UK, and riding it is pure joy. For motorcyclists, the A835 is a quite famous route in the Scottish Highlands. And you can imagine the reason why it is so popular.

It is also one of the many truck roads with bilingual signs in Gaelic and English.  It is surrounded by stunning landscapes and landmarks such as the river Beauly – one of the many famous Salmon rivers in Scotland.

B5289 – Keswick to Low Lorton | Lake District

Lake District is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site that is also a famous tourist attraction in this country.

This scenic route from Keswick to Low Lorton has wonderful landscapes, fabulous mountains, and several parks. The route peaks at the Honister Slate Mine providing great views back down the pass. It can also be quite steep, so cars can`t make it. That is the reason that you will see also riders making the most of it.

A87 – Kyle of Lochalsh to Uig | Isle of Skye

Finally, the A87 route is one of the most magnificent ones in the country. I would recommend you take your time and make it at your own pace without rush. It will be worth it.

The Isle of Skye is one of the most fascinating destinations in Scotland. But before reaching it, you will be also pleased to visit Kyle of Lochalsh on a route of mini-alps, fortresses, and the famous Eilean Donan Castle. The Skye bridge at Kyle of Lochalsh is your pit stop for a road trip that is a quite popular biking journey as well.

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