Eczema | A Widespread Experience

When it comes to eczema, there is a lot of things to deal with. The itching, the swelling of the skin, the hideous scars that can come from long-term eczema suffering. But you’re not alone in the condition.

Whether you are someone who still battles it to this day or a parent with a young one who’s dealing with it, there’s a lot of people who are all going through it. Sharing experiences can be a real help for people who are feeling like they’re stuck working it out alone, so let’s listen to some of the stories from others. Here’s a resource to help with it all, too.

“It was just a constant struggle”

 “Honestly, when my baby started showing signs of eczema, I didn’t know what to do. She was in massive discomfort all the time, especially during the summer flare-ups. It made it so difficult to try and help her to be comfortable enough to sleep, and she wasn’t at the age where I could explain it would all be okay eventually. It was just a constant struggle”.

“I found that it helped a lot to try and apply some soothing cream and then to bandage up the sore area. It was a little messy at times, but it provided some relief during the nasty moments”.


I thought it would go away in time”

 My child began to suffer from eczema around the four-month mark. As a new parent, it was terrifying. He wailed all the time, and I did not know what to do to make it okay. I had to be careful how I held him to not aggravate the skin that was inflamed. My partner was very supportive, thankfully. I thought it would go away in time – this was not the case.

Eventually, we went online to see what kind of solutions could be found. There were a lot of places suggesting it was down to our detergent, so we switched it out and eczema began to calm down a little. It was such a relief! Sometimes it’s really just down to what you’re exposing your baby to on a regular basis”.

“Going chemical-free really helps”

 “Honestly, taking the time to go chemical-free really helps when it comes to eczema. If it is starting to become an issue with your little one, limit what chemicals they’re exposed to – we did for our twins and it really helped. You have to remember that a baby’s skin is much more sensitive to chemicals than ours – something fine for us can be a massive issue for their own skin”

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there’s a lot of people struggling with eczema, it’s never just you. You’re not alone in these things, and there’s a lot of solutions out there that can really help. It’s just about taking a look at all of the options that exist for providing relief and then picking the one which works best for your individual situation.

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