Outstanding Birthstone Gift Ideas for People Born in April

April is a quite special month for me. Not only because it is my husband`s and my birthday is in April. But it is also the start of Spring in the UK, and it is a sign that warmer days are coming soon to stay for a while.

And I do not need to say that we will be celebrating it properly with the ease of the lockdown in the UK, which means – respecting social distancing measures and government guidelines, of course. I will probably celebrate my birthday with a bottle of red and some walking in the secluded park.

If you are still undecided about what present to give for an April born, here are some tips.  Think about us as natural leaders, independent creatures that probably are too picky, but with a good reason – we look for quality over quantity.

And let’s just be honest, t’s just amazing to browse some antique diamond jewellery pieces now and then. They are classic, elegant, unique pieces that are eye-catching, and would make anyone stands out on any special occasion.

However, you still can find a more ethical and affordable piece of diamond jewellery pieces to celebrate April is born in style, I can take you right through some other spectacular choices too.

But before it, we need to answer the following question to understand why diamond is your gemstone for this special month.

Why diamond is the birthstone for April?

If you follow the horoscope, you will know that the diamond represents Aries or the month of April. It is also the hardest gem on earth, symbolising deep commitment and as you may already hear this – diamonds last forever.

Arians tend to be the leaders both in their professional and in their personal lives. You can unleash more about them by listening to “The Astrology Podcast” hosted by Chris Brennan, which is being updated weekly and has many episodes on Arians. You might as well find it helpful to read more about the personal qualities of Aries and what they value in relationships, before moving ahead and trying to brainstorm on what to give as a gift to an Aries.  The birthstone of this sign is the diamond.

I am not surprised to know that diamonds are the birthstone for April. We are quite resilient and strong people. By the way, did you know that the word diamond comes from the Greek adámas which means unbreakable?

So, here are my picks to gift perfect diamond jewellery to someone special this month.

Heart Necklace Pendant

I just love an elegant pendant. They are a genuine symbol of how diamonds can make your jewellery stands out without being over. I am a quite low-profile person when it comes to accessories. Less is always more, remember: This is quite an affordable present as well, but it does not mean you are not choosing the best.

Pear Shaped Rings

Here is the timeless piece when it comes to diamond pieces. You must have heard of the exquisite pear-shaped engagement rings as one of the favourites and quite popular jewellery to go for when it comes to choosing a classic style. You cannot go wrong with classy and elegant pieces.

Tennis Bracelet

If I had to choose my favourite piece of jewellery right now, I would always say a tennis bracelet without hesitating.  The sparkling line of diamonds gives your wrist the elegant and chic look that is a good fit for different personal styles and tastes.

Plus, the sterling silver is designed to give the ‘illusion’ that the dainty diamonds look bigger than they are. It’s another fantastic piece of jewellery for all special occasions.

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