How Roofers Can Protect and Increase the Value of Your Home


Having a good roof serves two functions. One, it protects your contents, and two, it increases the value of your home to potential buyers. So, we must think carefully when it comes to maintaining our home and making the decision about whether or not to go to the expense of a new roof.

What protects possessions in the short-term, is in the longer term going to add value to your home. You can seek advice from roofing Amanda Ohio when it comes to dealing with anything involving roofs, gutters, or siding.

So, let us explore what kinds of services a roofing contractor offers that will protect your property and add value to it.


A roof that is regularly maintained will avoid a larger repair bill later on. The last thing that you want is to have to spend money on a house to be able to sell it. If you plan to keep your home for any length of time, you will want to protect yourself from unnecessary bills because of neglecting your roof. A badly maintained roof will only cost you more money over time and damage contents.

With regards to installing a new roof, you then get the choice of material. You can go for either a material that will not cost you too much or one that will last for your lifetime and that of your children. It is, as with everything, a case of balancing the cost now with future potential costs and thinking of those you leave behind. You would not want to leave them a roof on the house that is high maintenance.

In terms of the life expectancy of a roof, both clay and concrete should last for a minimum of 60 years. Natural slate tops the table by being capable of lasting for a minimum of 80 to 100 years. If you opt for fibre cement or man-made slate, then you can only expect it to last for 50-60 years. These are long timescales, however, so having a new roof fitted can only be an investment. Your real estate agent will thank you for it when it comes to selling your house.


Gutters are generally considered a part of a roof and so something else a roofing contractor can take care of for you.

When choosing gutters, you will want them to be tough so that they last, and will also want them fitted tightly to your property so that no parts are flapping in the wind and vulnerable to damage.

A professional roofing contractor can make sure of that for you. The screws used to fit them should ideally be stainless steel as you do not want them rusting. It is important, too, that you have your contractor fit leaf or animal guards so that foliage and known pests do not become a problem. You do not, for instance, want leaves and sticks clogging up your gutters and stopping rainwater from draining away. It is not good if water is allowed to collect anywhere.

Longer-term contact creates damage and results in leaks. Animals making your gutters their home can damage them.

When choosing gutters, you might want to think of matching them with next door, particularly if your house is right next to theirs. It could become a shared cost as the same company could fit them with one call-out charge required to carry out the work.


Siding can add aesthetic appeal to the outside of a house, and this can be carried out by roofing contractors. Professionals will fit the vinyl siding to your house and turn it into almost the White House, the official home of the US president, or have it look like Elvis’s former home in Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee. In terms of its colour, anyway. White can be a nice look for a house and it is certainly a good colour when it comes to reflecting sunlight, and so heat.

To conclude, we can protect our home by maintaining a good roof and having gutters fitted. We can also make it more aesthetically pleasing still by having some vinyl siding fitted. It will all be well worth the investment.

Simone Ribeiro
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