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If you know me, you will agree that I am always rooting all for the modern gadget. But I do confess that I never thought about having a levitating lamp before, and that is the beauty technology. You always have that wow factor when it comes to innovative products like this, and I just love it.

Needless to say, I was quite excited to have the chance to review a Volta Levitating Light Bulb from Floately this month. But let’s go first through all the process of understanding this fascinating accessory.

What is Floately?

Floately designs cutting edge and affordable levitating light bulb devices and that are practical, versatile and quite stylish. In simple words, they make our dream gadgets come true. The company count on a team of enthusiastic engineers and designers that work hard to bring innovative floating accessories for the home and office.

What is a levitating light bulb?

The anti-gravity floating light bulb that levitates and spins with elegant grace. And I totally agree with this definition. And wireless induction technology allows the LED bulb to produce a warm and soothing light while it is suspended in mid-air. I know.

It looks impossible to our eyes to understand how it happens when you first open the box and check the manual of instruction. However, it was a quite magical experience when you try it for the first time. I can guarantee that the wow factor is all there!

How does VOLTA light bulb work?

As you can imagine, VOLTA was named after Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist and pioneer of electric power, and inventor of the electric battery. I was quite impressed with this product right after unboxing it.  It is a quite elegant and stylish piece made of durable wooden material.

Its minimalist features stand out in different spaces of your house. It seemed a perfect complement to your workstation, bedside table or even, to illuminate a small room or corridor in your home.  It comes with an inductive power system and an AC adapter, and it is quite easy to assemble as well.

And this floating light bulb uses the principles of electromagnetic levitation to float and glow while suspended in the air. You can understand more about it in the graphic below.

I do confess that at the beginning it was quite tricky to master the skill of levitation. You do need to practice a little bit before getting it right. And the result is always a pleasant illuminating experience enjoying a quite warm and calm ambient. Just what you need to relax!

And I know you are curious about it, so yes – the light bulb keeps rotating 24/7 when turned off. It is quite impressive and takes a bit of time to get used to this. But it is just science and engineering working together in harmony. Simple as that.

How was my experience with VOLTA?

As you probably noticed, I was quite excited to review this product when I unpacked it. I am more excited about it now, to be honest. To start with, Floately is providing a good looking and high-quality product here that is with no doubts, one of the most affordable anti-gravity light bulbs in the market.

VOLTA is battery-free, which means you do not need to spend money on batteries or worry about your electricity bill. Just make sure you select the right plug type for your country when purchasing it. Otherwise, you will need an adapter to make it works properly.  It is in fact an energy-saving product with quite low energy consumption. And you cannot go wrong with its vintage look. It is just elegant, practical and functional. I simply love it.

Plus, this bulb is 10 times more durable than traditional ones. Meaning – you have a strong and elegant accessory for a quite affordable price as well.

Am I in love with it? Totally! It is just a great addition to the top of my chest of drawers. Making my evening reading more pleasant and relaxing. Also, to my luck, my beloved pet cat Dougal does not seem bothered with (or fascinated by) a spinning bulb floating 24/7 in the bedroom. He never tried to tap it or break it, you know, the usual crazy cat stuff they like doing.

Do I recommend Floately levitating light bulbs? I do. It is a gorgeous present to friends and family, especially now when we are all spending more time at home and needed to adapt some rooms as a functional workstation or relaxing places to spend some time alone or with family.

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*I received the product complimentary from Floately for testing purposes

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