The Benefits of Choosing at-Home Allergy Testing

Allergies are can be horrible things to deal with. If you meet someone with a common allergy or are unlucky enough to suffer yourself from something like hay fever, you will know just what a drag it can be.

However, having an allergy and not realising that it is what causes your symptoms and suffering potentially is even worse. You may not know it, but allergies are increasing with more people in the UK than ever before suffering from more serious problems.

In times like this, when we just have access to doctor’s appointments in emergency cases, it’s always better to avoid leaving your home without necessity. That’s when a home allergy test can be a perfect match for you. It has become become  a quite popular way to get answers when you suspect that something might not entirely be right.


 Why is Home Allergy Testing Useful?

If you suspect that you might be allergic to something, and you’re not sure if it is pet dander, pollen, or food substances, it can be hard to choose the proper treatment. Allergies tend to cause similar symptoms, but with very wide-ranging triggers, it’s hard to exclude problems or potential allergens from your life, diet, or environment.

By researching your issues and gathering information, you can better understand what is going on and meet with the doctor to discuss your findings and get further help.

To get the best information, you need to be looking for a test that detects IgE levels. When a doctor draws blood to check for allergies, this is precisely what they are looking for. IgG testing is not the same, so you need to be sure that you are purchasing a home allergy kit that specifically tests IgE.


 How Does it Work?

With a home allergy testing, you are looking to see if you are sensitive to specific substances, and this is done by looking for the levels of IgE in your blood. IgE stands for Immunoglobulin E, and this is a form of antibody generated in your immune system as a defense against things like parasites and foreign bodies.

So, if you are allergic to something like the house dust mite, insect stings, or certain foods, the body will see these as a threat and in turn produce this response that we see as an allergic reaction. It’s like the body is slightly confused and is taking something that is actually harmless and treating it as a threat that it needs to fight. When this happens, the IgE levels are elevated in response, and the body triggers processes within other cells to generate the chemicals required to defend you.

This is what we see as the annoying symptoms of an allergic reaction, which sadly can even be life-threatening sometimes in the case of anaphylactic shock.

 Not Conclusive, but Helpful

So, the tiny pinprick of blood that you take in a home allergy test is then checked for levels of IMG, and this will indicate whether or not your body is showing sensitisation or not. If it is, then there is a causal possibility that you are allergic to something. It gives you information to take to your doctor and find out more about what is causing your symptoms and how they can be treated. it’s helpful and perfectly safe to try them on at the comfort of your home.

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