Helping Your Child Become More Confident

Inspiring confidence in your child will make them more open to new experiences in life, and become a more resilient person going forward in life. To give you some pointers on how to help your child become more confident, here are some tips we’ve put together with the help of a Private School in London

Appreciate Effort, in Success & Failure 

You want to encourage your child to try new things, and sometimes they will be successful, and other times they may fall short. Encourage your child, even in moments of failure to help them realise that making mistakes is ok. They will grow more confident the more they try, and the more they learn from mistakes. They should never feel embarrassed just for giving something a try. 


Model Confidence Yourself 

While not possible 100% of the time, do your best to demonstrate confidence in your own behaviour, so your child will want to copy that behaviour. Be optimistic and positive about new things happening in your life, and seeing your efforts will encourage your child to act the same way. 

Help Them Find Their Passion 

Working towards a passion and something they are genuinely interested in, will inspire  a great deal of confidence in your child. Help them find that passion by encouraging them to try new things, to work out what sort of interests and hobbies best suit their personalities. 

Let Them Solve Problems 

It may be tempted to help your child solve any problem they are facing. Try your best to leave them to it to figure it out for themselves. Inspiring independence in your children can help boost their self-confidence, allowing them to feel that they are capable of doing things by themselves. 

Show Your Love 

Letting your children know that you will love them no matter what, they will feel encouraged to be themselves. Being their tourist self and feeling the acceptance to embrace that will make them more confident about who they are. Always be there to bolster their self-esteem, particularly in moments when they’re feeling down about themselves.  

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