What to Do If Your Child Hates School

As a parent, you always hope that your child will enjoy going to school. But, sometimes, they may be quite negative towards school. There is likely something bothering them that causes that issue, and there are plenty of ways you can help them improve their attitude towards school. Here’ some tips we put together with the help of a Boarding School in Hertfordshire

Talk to Teacher 

Sometimes, kids can find it hard to express why they hate school, they just do. Their teachers will likely be able to offer some insight as to why they may be having a negative attitude towards school. Talking to them will give you an insight into how they act in the classroom, whether anyone is bothering them in class, or if the teacher has observed a change in their behaviour. 


If your child is being bullied, then you will need to take it up with the school. Try to keep your child involved in talks with staff, to show that there is a support system at school for them which is there to help them. If they feel safer in their school environment and reassured that they’re being looked after, their attitude could very well improve quite quickly. 


Sometimes, the problem may simply be that your child is uninspired at school. If boredom is the problem, it may be an indication that your child is ready for some more challenging school work. You can work with the staff to figure out new ways to engage your child’s curiosity, and once that spark is reginited, it will prove hard to put out. 

Social Disconnect 

The problem may be that your child is struggling to make friends at school and feel a part of the school community. You can help them by encouraging them to be more talkative at school, and give them the affirmation they need to gain the confidence to become more involved. Find a club or extra-curricular activity that fits their interests, and there they can meet more like minded kids, helping them to develop connections at school.

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