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If you visit this blog frequently, you probably know Dougal, our cheeky pet that was a feral and timid cat when he was rescued by Ward Ends cat Rescue.

We were touched by Dougal’s story. He was timid and hadn`t had too much contact with humans, and we heard that he would be sent to a farm somewhere in the country because NOBODY wanted to adopt him. After all, he was not a friendly cat. We were his last chance to have a forever home.

Challenge accepted! – that was what my husband and I had in mind. But it was just when we visited him for the first time, and even not having too much of his attention, that we knew he would come home with us.

 We adopted Dougal in mid-2016, and it was the best decision we made in life. It took a bit of time for him to adapt, but today, Dougal is the most friendly, lovely and cheekiest cat ever. We are so proud of him. And we just want the best for him – always!

But as he is an indoor cat, we know his whole world is our flat, and we are always trying to find new ways of keeping him entertained and healthy. For this reason, I was quite happy to have the possibility of reviewing   Gus & Bella April’s box.

What is Gus & Bella?  

Gus & Bella was created by Emily and Charlie to provides monthly subscription boxes packed with outstanding treats for cats and their purrrents like them. The brand was inspired by two London born and bred cats, Gus and Bella. And I tell you what, this is not an average subscription.

What do you find at the April Box?  

Here we go. There is a list of gorgeous goodies at this box, and I guess it is worth it to go through all of them.   To start with, April’s box Catsuperstars features famous cats that you probably heard about before.

Plus, Gus & Bella works with phenomenal pet brands and it certainly makes a lot of difference when thinking about the health choices for cats and pets’ owners.

So, here is what is inside our Gus & Bella box:

Lily’s Kitchen –New Natural recipes Bundle 

Oh, wow. I already knew Lily’s Kitchen’s products. But I didn`t know that Dougal would love it so much. As a fussy eater, he is quite picky when it comes to food in general. But he absolutely loved this new range of new natural recipes.   The tasty cuts in gravy sounded like a banquet for him. And both – chicken treats and chicken casseroles were another success at home.

Pusheen – Premium Note Pad 

You probably know Pusheen from the cute emojis that you probably have sent to your besties. But the truth is that this famous tubby cat based on a cartoon cat created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff gives form to several other cute products like this notebook. Great treat for a cat mother who loves writing about their feline babies.

Freedom Mallows – Vegumi Bar


Another fine treat is the Pusheen Vegumi bar, the world’s first chocolate-coated vegan gummy bar. Also, dairy and gluten-free. And delicious, of course.

Simon’s Cat – Handy Lip balm

Another success – a lip balm is something that we always have in our bag. Simon’s cat just makes it more fun. Cat parents love handy products. Thanks for that!

Meow Avenue – Handmade Tigger Rattle & Cord

Cat toys! Yay! I know our furry friends love them, but it is also a gamble sometimes. Cats usually prefer boxes to any toy. That is not the case with this trigger rattle. Dougal’s best friend is a handmade toy that was exclusively made by Meow Avenue for Gus and Bella.

Grumpy Cat – Catnip Sock

Another internet sensation, Grumpy Cat is the nickname of a real cat, Tardar Sauce, that sadly passed away in 2019. But it is still a legend and the Internet celebrate it. Dougal is not a grumpy cat – not even on Mondays – but catnip toys are always welcome at this home.

Bogadent – Plaque -Stop for Cats

Here is another handy product. Thanks, Gus & Bella! Despite having top-notch food on his bowl, Dougal had to extract three teeth early this year, and we felt so guilty. Poor thing. The fact is that dental products are fundamental to keep their teeth in tip-top conditions. We learnt from the worse way. This plaque-stop is 100% natural and works not only to dissolve the plaque but also prevent it.

What does Dougal think of it?  

Dougal was curious about it, way before I started to unbox it. Fact. He was clearly interested in the treats, but the toys were also welcome. He is totally in love with his tigger rattle and catnip sock.

And I am also happy to have a new notebook. Overall, this is a quality box that was clearly thought with love and care by Emily and Charlie. I would recommend these gorgeous subscription boxes and the customised boxes as well to any cat parent out there who wants to think out of the box when treating their four-legged babies.

Get your Gus & Bella box now! 

To make things easier, we are teaming up with Gus & Bella to give you the opportunity of getting your box using my code MTRAVELLER to get 20% in your first subscription box and using MTRAVELLER10 to get 10% off a one-off gift box. Check it here.

*I received the product complimentary from Gus & Bella for testing purposes

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