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Are you tired of Netflix and streaming services in general? Me too. Of course, as resources this article about the history of cable TV mention, streaming services are continuing to rise in popularity, so there’s always going to be something that you can put on in the background if you need some mindless entertainment. However, sometimes we just need something different to keep our minds entertained while or after working many hours from home.

However, sometimes we just need something different to keep our minds entertained while or after working many hours from home.
I am sure you will agree with me that these many months in lockdown have taught us not only new forms of entertainment and the possibility of recycling some old fun hobbies. It does not matter if you are looking for hosting a virtual game night or enjoying it by yourself.

The Internet has provided entertainment for family, friends and lonely people during this pandemic.

Zoom Games

Someone said once that If you are not familiar with Zoom chat rooms yet, you are not doing quarantine right. Agreed! We pretty much use this quite popular conferencing platform for everything – from teaching to talking to family and having some fun with friends.

It is perfect for connecting with people virtually and bringing families and friends together in difficult times. My favourite zoom game is definitely Scavenger Hunt – which can be played by everyone of all ages.

Online Gaming 

I do not know about you, but I can spend hours playing games online. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to game portals. But to be honest, I do prefer vintage consoles, and it is difficult to find them online without some perks.

Sometimes, but it is not every day that you can find a website that combines a quite nice variety of old-school free online video games without being interrupted by ads all the time.

My dream came true when I found out about where you can choose from arcade classics inspired games like Neon Invaders to simulation games like Tap Supermarket, with around 100 games so far to choose from several different categories. I can spend hours browsing it and the fun never ends. I am addicted and have no shame to admit it. My favourite is Ninja Jump Force, by the way.

Another great site to play on is Solitaired. They have over 500 versions of the classic game (who knew there were so many?!) and have some pretty cool card designs too. And it’s all free to play!

I quite like to play a classic Mahjong Solitaire here – a simpler and easier to navigate this time while retaining the challenging nature everyone loves.
I’m sure that this brain game can be a neat addition to your selection of fun entertaining online activities

Virtual Music Concerts  

If you ask me what I miss most about gathering – my answer will certainly be – music concerts. It’s probably what I miss most- going to gigs. As soon as the pandemic started, we knew the music industry would be widely affected by it. After all, we need an audience to live concerts.

Fair play to some bands and artists that decided to keep the shown on and threw some amazing virtual gigs during last year. It has not the same appeal as going to a physical venue to watch your favourite band, but these live stream performances have entertained us on Friday nights when we cannot go out, anyway.

Tik Tok Challenges 

 Here is something for the younger (and anyone else, really). Tik Tok is probably the platform that became more popular during 2020 than anything else on the Internet. If you did not join it yet, you already heard of it. And my friends, when you are on it, there is no way out. I am afraid.

The truth is why we were trying to understand why Tik Tok is so popular, it has helped families to keep kids to be entertained, as well as it has worked as the best online way to showcase the portfolio of your small business.

 Virtual Magic Show

It’s definitely not for me, but I know some people would be well happy to have/her private magic session. Hiring a magician to throw some tricks in the comfort of your home while sharing some drinks with your friends online seems to become more and more popular than imagined. You can even personalise the performance to make a birthday or any other special event more fun.

What about you? What is your favourite online entertainment nowadays? 

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