Best Wall Tiles Ideas to bring life to Your Kitchen

Kitchen, huh? It is probably one of my favourite spaces at home. It is also space we probably spend quite a lot of time nowadays not only cooking but also sharing meals with family.

Thinking this way, it is quite fair to spend some time thinking about the best décor ideas to bring some life to your kitchen. So, why not invest in wall titles to add some value to your home?

Wall tiles are perfect coatings for your kitchen because it is not only durable but also quite practical to be featured and easy to be cleaned. Plus, there are a huge variety of kitchen wall tiles when it comes to shape, design, colour, and material. From high gloss to wood, faux brick veneer to a modern metallic finish. We can be quite creative when choosing our favourite patterns and models.

It is important to remember that choosing your favourite kitchen wall tiles is more about a personal choice than following a trend. Time should be taken to consider the size of your kitchen and how it would match the ambience and your appliances as well.

So, let’s have a look at my favourite wall tile types to make any kitchen stands out.

Stick-on-Wall Titles

Let’s be honest, we are all looking for practical ways of going through our home improvement projects. It’s no different when it comes to tiling the kitchen walls. That is the reason stick on wall tiles are always my first options.

This kind of coating is designed to be waterproof, easy to clean and value for money. Plus, stick on tiles is quite an easy solution to be applied to your kitchen walls. It will not make the usual mess that replacing standard tiles would do, and it is quicker to apply too. I have chosen the mosaic pattern because it is just gorgeous.

Ceramic Tiles

I do not know if my Portuguese and Brazilian heritage is too influential, but I do love a typical ceramic tile. You can use stronger tones as well to create a sophisticated feature wall. The perfect blend of old and new gives a touch of class to the kitchen. It is an aesthetically pleasing and timelessly classic design. it doesn’t matter if you go for a simple white pattern or a full of coloured one, it always going to be timeless and stylish.

Black and White Porcelain Tiles

I love the combination of dark and dramatic colouring tiles. A boudoir tile can bring anyone’s attention to your kitchen. It is sophisticated, modern and it can transform boring spaces in a quite fun ambient.

They are increasingly popular nowadays, and monochrome tiles can be also a quite elegant feature of modern kitchen walls.  I just love how versatile and glamorous these tiles are.

3D Wall Tiles

Are you looking for that Wow factor? 3d tiles are your answer. It is also the latest trend when it comes to modern patterns and style. It adds lots of texture to your decoration as well.  These tiles are available in many types of shapes, sizes, and colours, creating a lot of movement to the walls. You can be playful with your décor and bring a lot of life to the kitchen for sure!

Hexagon Tiles

Love geometric form like me? Here is a stylish wall tile for you. You will fall in love with those babies.  The fact is that hexagon tiles are quite versatile, and it can be combined with other wall designs. I love the way it fits perfectly and naturally to modern kitchen walls, at the same time it looks timeless because the shape of the polygon is considered vintage as well.


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