Creative Wallpaper Ideas to Make Your Home Stand Out


I am not going to lie; wallpapers never were on my list of things to consider when decorating a room. Growing up in a tropical country where houses need to be as cool as possible, I just did not get why people would choose to cover the walls with an extra layer.

The fact is that our bedrooms are quite an important space in our home. After all, it is our shelter, and it deserves a special touch to make them comfier and more enjoyable. That’s when wallpaper comes in hand.

But did you know that wallpaper is one of the oldest forms of decoration? It is believed to be found the first decorative piece, made of rice paperback that time, around 200 years before Christ, in China.

And if you want to play with different patterns and designs, why not go for different types of wallpaper? You can find elegant, modern, cute, or cool wallpapers in countless varieties to suit your aesthetics. Furthermore, the benefits of using wallpaper on decoration are numerous. From affordable prices to practicality, you just need to find a perfect match and start your project.

Thinking about it, I have put together a guide to my favourite types and styles of wallpaper that would make your bedrooms, and any other room of your house, stand out.

Adhesive Wallpaper

It does not matter if you are about to start a new project in the rooms of your home or are about to try a  Doll`s house Wallpaper, adhesive wallpapers are the most practical and resistant material to go for both projects.  

You can literally find different patterns, colours and sizes of self-adhesive doll’s house wallpapers and covering that are perfect alternatives to apply over existing papers. It is water and scratch-resistant and made of semi-matt vinyl. Just brilliant!

Vinyl Wallpaper

Are you looking for more durability? Here is the wallpaper to go for. It is composed of a layer of vinyl, and it is perfect to be used in bathrooms and the kitchen because it is more resistant to steam and can be washed.

Another advantage of using this type of wallpaper is the fact it is considered eco-friendly and recyclable.

Bamboo Wallpaper

Bamboo, one of the most versatile materials on the planet. I am not surprised to have wallpapers made of it. The fact is that bamboo wallpaper is a great environmentally friendly option, but it is also a quite delicate product to handle. It is not washable, but it creates an eye-catching wall that makes it worth a try.

3D Wallpaper

If you are looking for having a rustic feature on the walls of your bedrooms, here is the best solution for you. 3D wallpapers are known for their creative finishes and contemporary style. It’s just great for sleep spaces with a more industrial and rustic touch. It works perfectly in bedrooms and rooms that are used as your home office. You can play with textures and designs having a quite creative result.

Geometric Wallpaper

Art deco wallpapers are probably my favourite ones, especially the Bauhaus geometric patterns which brings an elegant touch for large or smaller bedrooms.  The light tones can be a good match in contrast to thick and thin lines. I love the fact we can combine vintage or modern furniture with this type of wallpaper and have an elegant and stylish room.

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