Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

Every student has their own way of learning and what works best for them when they’re studying or revising for an important exam. Understanding which learning style works best for your child will give them the chance to study in the best way they can, as they’ll have the right tools and methods to aim for the best.

In this guide, I’ve teamed up with a private nursery in Surrey to show you ways of understanding your child’s learning style and what it means for their studies.

What types of learners are there?

The 4 main types of learner are:

  • Visual – drawing, using different colours and creating collages or mind maps
  • Auditory – listening, hearing and using notes taken from them
  • Reading and writing – using study books and writing notes; prefer to write plans down
  • Kinesthetic – playing games, activities and crafts to remember what they’ve learnt

These are not just the only types of learners – your child may be both an auditory and visual learner at the same time, or they dabble in all 4 learning methods. There are also other ways of learning such as logical thinking (or mathematical thinking), linguistic learning and interpersonal learners to name a few.

How can I identify what kind of learner my child is?

You can find what type of learner your child is by asking yourself these questions:

  • Does your child enjoy music?
  • Do they make noises or hum when they’re learning?
  • Does your child tend to draw out tables or colour in important elements?
  • Does your child prefer books with pictures in them?
  • When in the classroom, does your child take notes often?
  • Does your child enjoy English lessons and comprehension exercises?
  • Does your child prefer playtime over sitting at the desk to study?
  • Do they feel uneasy and irritated when sat at their school desk?

These can serve as a guide to giving your child the tools they need to absorb the most important information in class.







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