5 Unique Hobbies For Children

Are you looking for a new hobby for your child? Why not try one of these unique hobbies to give your child something new to look forward to?

This private nursery in London has provided the top 5 unique hobbies children can try out today.

Flower Pressing

This hobby involves drying out flowers that you can pick from your garden and pressing them against two water-absorbing sheets to use in art decorations. Children can make seasonal cards, collages, posters, and much more by pressing down flowers. And it also looks flawless in its designs.


Making a big quilt for your child’s own use can make a hobby into a really fun project that can be worked on together. Quilting is a brilliant way of using old pieces of fabric or unused clothing to be made into something that can be used as a throw or as an extra layer at bedtime.


A lot of children dream about space and seeing the stars, so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to learn more about our skies and how amazing they really are. Give them a telescope so that they can see the stars up close, or take them on a visit to a Dark Sky zone so they can test their constellation knowledge.

Growing vegetables

Small project children can take part in is setting up a new vegetable patch with you. Give them a range of seeds to plant into the soil and give them the task of watering them each time. Once they’re ready to harvest you can also make it into a fun cooking activity.


It’s a great way of using those fresh vegetables you could grow into a nice dish your children can help out with as well. They can be simple things at first to help test their skills before moving on to more extravagant dishes that can give your child a whole new level of experience.



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