The Importance of English Literature in Education

Studying literature gives children the knowledge of popular novels, poetry, scripts for plays, and short stories. It invites students to be creative, be inquisitive and improves many transferable skills. That’s why this independent school in Surrey has provided the main reasons why English Literature is important for your child to study.

It tests your critical thinking skills

Children have the chance to look at what they’re learning about and take it from their own perspective. There are also a number of different exercises that are used to test different skills such as comprehension exercises, dictation lessons, and writing skills.

Children will be asked to think about what’s happening within a novel they’re reading in class so that they fully understand the plot and how the story is progressing in each chapter.

It’s an entertaining resource

Reading and analysing novels are the main focuses of English Literature and it gives students a break from harder forms of study, whilst also training their communication skills and inquisitiveness.

You can escape into a fictional world as you learn about your favourite characters in the story, allowing you to learn more about different cultures and ideologies.

It taps into our emotions

Oftentimes stories have sad stories, endings, climatic cliffhangers, and things that happen in a story that makes you jump for joy. Seeing children be exposed to a lot of different scenes in a book can make them more prepared for any similar situations in real life, such as conflict resolution and problem-solving.

Gives us a glimpse into the history

A lot of stories are based on real-life history and can give children views into the past and how they formed the world they live in today. It can also motivate children to go further than understanding the book by learning about what historical events inspired the book’s story.

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