Raising Avid Travellers- How to Make Your Kids Love Adventure

If wanderlust comes to you naturally, you are likely to pass the trait to your kids because it is often in the genes. The other way to make sure that they become avid travellers is to inculcate a love for adventure in them as a part of their upbringing. But it takes much beyond towing the little ones along as you explore the destinations in your bucket list.

You will need to fuel their curiosity and foster an adventurous streak. It will be a lot of hard work and a lifelong effort. So, expect to do it till they are grown up enough to do it on their own. Here are some tips and tricks to bring up avid travellers.

Start when they are young

Travelling with a baby seems like a challenge because you have to pack everything in the world. Moreover, it’s easy to feel apprehensive about the child falling sick or not adjusting well to long flights or road trips.

Mealtimes and naps get unpredictable, which are other reasons young parents often change their travel plans for a couple of years. But try doing just the opposite if you want to give the little one a taste of adventure early. You will probably be surprised to see the baby adapt because most of them do it.

Just have a bit of flexibility in their daily schedule, and it will be easy to have a happy baby exploring the world with you. Don’t forget to invest in accessories like a portable baby carrier and stroller.

Begin with short trips

Another practical tip for parents planning to raise adventure babies is to start with short and manageable trips so that they can try a slice first. Weekend road trips to nearby places make sense when the kids are young because you do not have to struggle for flexibility as with flights.

You can plan on the fly and drive back home if there is a medical emergency. Moreover, young children are more likely to enjoy road trips as they do not feel confined, and you can give them rest breaks whenever they need them.

Starting small also enables you to gauge your family’s travel style, which helps you plan longer trips better.

Step out of your comfort zone

Once the children are comfortable with the test strips, it is time to step out of their comfort zone. If you want to do it gradually, try taking them on a train journey because most kids love the experience.

The next obvious step is air travel, which they will probably enjoy as an adventure now as they may already love the thrills of travel. It is the right stage to choose unconventional destinations if you want to bring in the adventurous streak in your children.

Mix and match is the way to go when it comes to choosing travel. Let them have an experience of a kids’-friendly destination and throw in something different for a new experience.

Encourage the kids to share experiences

Avid travellers love to share their experiences, so encourage them to share their experiences. Teaching them the art of photography is a good idea as you will have an extra hand to click pictures.

Moreover, it makes them feel more responsible. As the kids grow up, introduce them to social platforms where they can share their experiences, stories, and even pictures and videos.

If you have a world traveler in the making, you can even help them monetize these travel stories through platforms to sell these experiences. Sharing memories and experiences makes travel even more fun, and children enjoy trying new places and activities when they have a chance to share them with peers.

Model the ideal travel behaviour

Kids learn by watching their parents, which empowers parents to teach by action. As a parent, you must model the ideal travel behaviour you want them to embrace for a lifetime, even when they are ready to see the world on their own.

If you are open to try new things and step out of your comfort zone, the young ones will happily emulate the behaviour. Being flexible and adaptable teaches a lifelong lesson to the upcoming avid travellers as well.

Read books, watch travel shows, and have family conversations about destinations and travel plans because it will make the kids feel excited and involved.

Make travel a family priority

If you want to bring up travel buffs, this is a piece of advice you must follow. Making travel a family priority is essential, even if it means giving up on an expensive gadget and spending your money on experiences instead. It is a good idea to have an annual savings fund that makes it easy to plan a vacation every year.

You need not spend a fortune on a luxurious holiday at an overseas destination if you have budget constraints. Choose a holiday that fits into your wallet because it boils down to creating unforgettable experiences with your family.

Hand over control gradually

Raising avid travellers is as much about giving your kids control and freedom as ensuring that they have a good time on trips. Involve them in age-appropriate decisions.

Let them contribute to travel plans, right from sharing preferences in destinations and mode of travel to choosing accommodation, creating an itinerary, trying new cuisines, and picking souvenirs. Once the child is independent and wants to explore the idea of a solo vacation, let them try it.

But make sure they choose a safe destination, follow the safety rules, and always stay in touch. Letting go may sound daunting to parents, but this is what you aspired for, so set them free to do their thing.

Fostering a love for adventure and travel in kids takes commitment, patience, and hard work for parents. Moreover, it is a lifelong practice as you have to start early and do it till the children are all set to travel independently. These parental tips will help you do your bit, and the genes will do the rest!

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