The Hottest Trend this Summer? Going Electric at Home!

I love it now that we’re getting close to having a proper summer. There’s a general feeling in the air, especially when chatting to friends, that everyone is itching to enjoy themselves.

While it feels like things are ever so slowly getting back to normal, I have an inkling that there is going to be one thing happening this summer that everyone was at last year; a bit of DIY love at home.

Whether you’ve splashed out on a hot tub for the back garden, have what feels like a VIP cinema in your living room, or you finally figured out how to turn a box bedroom into a functioning home office, with holiday days accruing and nothing booked, I have the feeling most of us are going to get deep into doing little DIY projects again.

Now, you might think I’m about to highlight some grandiose ideas you could be doing around the house, but sadly that isn’t the case. Instead,  I want to talk about something that bugs me so much every summer that I want to tackle it head-on; cold rooms.

You could spend all day all out in the garden on a summer’s day. You might even get a touch of sun yourself (never forget to pop on sun cream!) while prepping for a barbecue or dining al fresco in the garden.

What you never want is that dread of heading back inside to relax in the living room or head up to the bed, and find that the room is absolutely freezing.

You might go to yourself, “well, I can pop the heating on for an hour or so to take the chill away”. I’m telling you not to, as there’s a sneaky way of heating problem areas without needing to blast the heat. You’ll want to read up on electric panel radiators.

I’m not talking about the portable ones you move from room to room that eat up electricity like there’s no tomorrow (anyone who has had one on while working from home can attest to that). I’m talking about electric radiators you hang on the wall just like a normal radiator.

They work in the same way by heating cold air in a room, only without needing to be plumbed in and dependent on your boiler working away.

If you hate wasting money on heating and know that you have that one room at home that always has a chill, this could be the ticket. If you want an idea of what one in your home could look like, I suggest having a little peek at what’s on offer at Trade Radiators. They have a decent range in stock, and you can get one delivered with all the fittings you need to pop it on the wall near a plug socket.

Because they are internally filled and sealed off, they don’t need any special help to get going. Trust me, having one over a portable heater that gets in the way and doesn’t heat a room as you like is going to make a world of difference. You get it screwed on the wall, plug it in, and you’re good to go.

And speaking of making a difference in the home, I’d be silly if I didn’t mention this recent article on having neon signs in the home. They will look great at this time of year and help add character in rooms to inject some personality.



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