When Should You Travel To St. John?

Have you been to paradise? St. John’s is the perfect place to go for fun in the sun and a truly unique island experience. You can see the ocean each time you look out your window, have a fantastic villa, and if you are bringing young ones, they have game rooms and activities to ensure that they are having the best vacation of their lives too! What could be better?


When you are wondering when should you travel to St. John, you should consider the weather. While the temperature varies less than other islands, they do experience rain and other climatic issues that can dampen the spirits of your trip. If you are looking for the warmest time to visit St. John, you should come in either July, August, or September.

However, if you want to experience dry weather with no rain, you should come in February, March, or June. Based on recent studies, the best all-around weather for St. John occurs from mid-March to early April.

Come When It’s Less Crowded

Because St. John is a tourist hot spot, there are busy times when it will be more expensive. If you travel around these times, you will save your wallet and experience less crowding each time you leave your villa.

As most families like to travel once school is out, May, June, and July are the busiest and most expensive months to come and see the island. Spring is the second most active time for people to go because it’s an excellent time for families to experience the sunshine and higher humidity.

The perfect time to go if you are looking to save money, though, is November. It’s the slowest month because it rains a little more (roughly about half a dozen or more times a month), and because of this, you will find flights and accommodation cheaper.

You will also find unique specials during this month as they are trying to encourage you to travel. Another slow time? December and January, though they are not as quiet as November, you will still find that you can experience fewer crowds and better pricing when it comes to getting there.

Time To Get Away

Visiting this island is the perfect way to relax with your family and have a great time. Let yourself forget about your worries and enjoy the swimming, the toes in the sand, and the great memories you will make.

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