Hey Hodophiles- Explore the World With These Top 7 Travel Destinations

“Sometimes it feels good to get lost on an unknown road and unrevealed place.”

Travelling is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and soul. No matter how sorted your life is, sometimes it is good to break free from the routine and explore the wonders of the world. In fact, various scientific studies also suggest that going to new places and exploring them positively impact emotional and mental health.

However, the biggest trouble of travelling is deciding the destination. But, don’t worry! There are some astonishing places where you can go and unwind yourself.

To explore these destinations, keep on reading!

Galápagos Islands

If you are one of those who love wildlife and are an adventure seeker, you must visit Galapagos Islands. It is one of the best places to discover the natural world and interact with various animal species. It is enriched with flora and fauna, active volcanoes, astonishing beaches, and aquatic life. Believe it or not, but after visiting this place, your camera will be filled with the mesmerizing beauty of the environment.

Things you can do at the Galápagos Islands:

You can go island-hopping, snorkelling, discover numerous giant tortoises, hike volcanoes, and visit the “Wall of Tears.” All in all, it will be an unforgettable and adventurous experience in your life.


If you are a beach lover and often describe yourself as a water baby, you should add brazil to your list. There are numerous beaches (each one different from another) where you can go and fulfil all your desires and fantasies.

Some of the famous places include Porto De Galinhas, Lagoinha do Leste, Island of Fernando de Noronha, and Taipus De Fora. While you stay in Brazil, you can live with a bohemian vibe and enjoy a little less careful lifestyle.

Things you can do in Brazil:

You can treasure your love for water bodies with scuba diving, enjoy a solo retreat at Ilha Grande, and enjoy the mesmerizing (and get soaked) by Iguazu Falls. If you want to make the best of every moment spent in Brazil, you should wake up early to see what nature has to offer.

Hong Kong

If you want to visit a warm-weather location and enjoy a fantastic time by the coastline, then Hong Kong is the perfect place for you. This place can offer you a lot of things to explore. Luxurious shopping centres, famous street food, hypnotizing greenery of islands, or vibrant art exhibitions, the list of entertainment sources and activities is endless.

Things you can do in Hong Kong:

As mentioned above, the list of entertainment options is endless at this place. You can go ziplining, rent your boat to spend time near the coastline, get a visual treat at Hong Kong’s skyline, do junk boat watersports, enjoy waterfalls, and much more. In addition to this, you can also enjoy the amazing Asian culture.

South Korea

If you are familiar with the words “annyeonghaseyo” and “gamsahabnida,” then visiting South Korea must be on your list already. This place has a very rich history and inviting culture. After Paris, it is one of the romantic destinations to travel to. That means you can go there with your partner and maybe recreate some Kdrama moments.

Things you can do in South Korea:

Try ramen, soju, and kimchi, explore the streets of Itaewon, enjoy the ancient history and architecture of the Korean palace, wear hanbok, join the street artists in their performances, and take a train to Busan city. Don’t forget to spend some peaceful time by the Han river.


If you are fascinated with Pyramids and Arab culture, adding Egypt to your travelling destination list will come in handy. This place can redefine the meaning of life. From thousands of years old temples to thrilling tombs, you can find numerous things here. Perhaps, you don’t want to miss exploring one of the seven wonders of Egypt.

Things you can do in Egypt

While you stay in Egypt, you can go sailing at the Nile river, grab once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the pyramids and Great Sphinx, catch sight of Egyptian culture at the museum, scuba diving, visit the aquarium, and a glimpse of royal treasure and jewel pieces.


If you want to take a relaxing break from your daily life and just sit back and enjoy alluring days and vibrant nightlife, you can plan a vacation to Peru. Moreover, if you believe that every trip becomes even more fascinating when the food of that place is just mouthwatering and delicious, you shouldn’t miss out on Peru’s fine dining experience.

Things you can do in Peru:

This place has a very vibrant culture that you can explore by visiting the independent galleries, museums, and contemporary art venues. Also, you can get a thrilling experience at the bustling markets of Peru. Furthermore, you can enjoy the Latin American culture and pre-Columbian ceramics at this charming place.


The last destination on the list is one of the famous exotic places, i.e., Thailand. It is an excellent place if you want to rejuvenate your body and mind. You can pamper yourself with a famous Thai massage and spa and also relish the beauty of nature by watching the sunset at the Ko Samui. The locals of Thailand are very welcoming and will make you feel like it is your home away from home.

Things you can do in Thailand

Thailand is all about giving yourself treats for all the hard work. You can try tasty and exotic seafood, especially the crab curry and tom yum goong. Also, you can try ferry rides, visit the floating market, ocean world and enjoy the amazing view of the city at skywalk.

To sum it all up!

If you want to go abroad and explore different cultures, the way they live. Furthermore, if you wish to do some adventurous activities to feel the adrenaline rush. You can visit any of the places mentioned above. Moreover, it will also have a positive impact on your health. So, add these places to your travel list.

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