Tips and Places to Sail In Croatia: All You Need To Know

Sailing in Croatia has recently become a mention on every vagabond’s travel bucket list, and rightly so. Croatia is a beautiful location with astounding views and picturesque views one could only imagine in their dreams; with the only hook of being much more vivid in reality.

The country is not the home of vast coastlines, but also the proud host of several UNESCO World Heritage sites and medieval towns. No matter what your preference is while travelling, Croatia has something to appease everyone’s travel goals!

If you’re planning to cruise around the Adriatic Sea while touring islands, the sea route is the best way to immerse yourself in the beauty of this Balkan majesty. Here is everything you need to know, including travel tips and a list of places to visit during your Croatian adventure!

Places To See In Croatia While Sailing

The Southern Dalmatian Islands are known to be Croatia’s best sailing locale, and it makes the ideal preference if you’re a first-timer.

The majority of the travel itineraries will include either round-trip from Split or Dubrovnik or consist of one-way journeys connecting the two destinations. To sail in Croatia, you need about a week, although most of the travel companies give you an 8-day tour. Listed below are places you must visit on your trip:

  • Hvar: Hvar is an island with a notable reputation of its own for good reason. Its inlets, vineyards, pebbly coves, and stone villages are serene, family-oriented, and affordable destination to visit. The primary attractions consist of rustic bars and quaint restaurants of Hvar Town, the historic site of Stari Grad and its UNESCO-listed plains.
  • Šolta: The isolated island village of Stomorska on Šolta has moorings that can accommodate only fifteen boats at once. Šolta is a tiny island deal for cycling and walking because it is less frequented by tourists.
  • Brač: Being Croatia’s third-largest island, Brač is as lovely as it is lively. The small towns it homes like Milna are famous for their easy-going charm, and Bol has Zlatni Rat beach that is known for windsurfing adventures.
  • Sveti Klement, Pakleni Islands: Explore the islands of Palmižana harbour, sporting car-free zones such as Sveti Klement. It is one of the forested islands of Pakleni Islands and makes the perfect route to sail in croatia.
  • Korčula: Korčula has sandy bays and little coves on the southern coast. These make the pride and joy of the island and make a perfect spot to bask in the sun if you love the beach. This beautiful destination has fresh pine forests, villages, vineyards, and olive groves amongst a backdrop of clear water that is worthy of luxe Instagram posts.
  • Vis: Vis is the farthest island from shore, untouched and cut off from the influx of too many tourists due to its military operations which were active up until the early 1990s. You can visit the astonishing Blue Cave and see the sunlight reflected through a hole under the surface in the brilliant aquamarine water.
  • Mljet: Verdant Mljet has a beautiful National Park and is recently becoming one of the increasingly popular places to see in Croatia but still is unadulterated and natural in its landscape.

Travellers Tips While Sailing in Croatia


Beware of seasickness: If you’re first getting your sea legs for the first time or just don’t agree well to sea travel, it’s a good practice to carry medication for motion sickness packed to help reduce the dizziness and nausea that can creep up out of nowhere.

The waves and movement of the boat can be the tipping point, turning adept sailors green until they adjust to their days at sea. Talk to your doctor before you travel and find the right medication for you.

If you’d prefer natural remedies, carry ginger and lime to chew on or take in deep breaths of fresh air while keeping your mind distracted to prevent seasickness. Stay hydrated (not too hydrated) look at the horizon and not the waves closest, and you should be fine.

The weather can be unpredictable: During the sailing season, the weather is close to impeccable. However, the sea is known for its erratic nature, which can bring last-minute itinerary modifications if the weather becomes too harsh. Trust your captains and tour directors to take detours as they know their turf well.

The routes can be busy: With boats embarking on sails only between April and September, this period can get really busy, especially in popular destinations such as Dubrovnik or Split. However, the smaller islands and villages are less crowded so you’ll be able to join their local cuisine without long queues.

Get waterproof shoes: As beautiful and breathtaking as the national parks, caves, beaches and water bodies are, they also have a lot of sea urchins, sharp rocks and slippery surfaces.

Carrying a pair of well-fitting reef or water shoes will serve you well while exploring the Croatian islands, since swimming in crystalline waters and walking along the beach is going to be a constant.

Be prepared to exert yourself: If you’re on a vacation, thinking that you’ll not need to exercise is one of the main ideas. But Croatia has mountainous terrain and some of the most rewarding views can only be accessed by climbing a substantial number of stairs. Prepare to exert yourself because the views here need to be earned through sweat!

Photos won’t do Croatia’s natural beauty justice: No matter how many photographs of the gems of Croatia you have seen on Instagram and Facebook, you will be rendered speechless when you dock at the islands. It is going to happen a lot, and you will realize how pictures do beauty no justice. However, it would be a great idea to capture all your memories, so carry a lot of memory space for your cameras!


 Croatia is not just a tourist spot but a complete package of experiences that will leave you reminiscing about it for years to come! We hope our blog helped you understand this place in your top must-visit places post-pandemic!


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