Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is already this weekend! And together with enjoying the gorgeous June weather, I bet most of the dads will be busy watching some football matches and the English squad at the EURO 2020 this month.

So, how can we find a better way of making his day more special this year? The answer is probably finding a perfect pressie to treat your old man the way he deserves. If you are still stuck on what to buy, here are some gift ideas for all types of fathers, grandfathers, father-in-law, first-time fathers out there.

For the Artisan Vodka Enthusiast

The bar has been settled higher when it comes to vodka popularity in this country. We want the best ones. So, if you look for a unique spirit to gift someone special, an artisan vodka can be your perfect match.

The Oxford Rye Organic Vodka is an elegant and exceptionally smooth double-gold medal-winning spirit distilled in two magnificent, Steampunk-Esque, stills called ‘Nautilus’ and ‘Nemo in the city’s first-ever distillery.

It sounds like a unique experience, huh? This fine spirit is best enjoyed as a sipping of vodka, either at room temperature or chilled. This organic Oxford Rye is a 100% organic rye with subtle hints of spice and warm caramel.

Just a perfect choice to be served in the summer when we can be more creative with our cocktails. I have prepared some Kiwi Brazilian caipiroskas with Oxford Vodka this month, and I felt like I was back home. I do recommend this refreshing and fun cocktail to treat the fathers in your family this Sunday too.

Sportive Types

Here are the most typical ones, the dads into sports. I guess the sports items will be quite popular this Father’s Day. Football is back with Premier League and Euro, cricket is also here, and we still have the Olympic games in July.

So, why not present the special father in your life with some football memorabilia? I have chosen two personalised football gifts to make them happy? Aston Villa is the football team present 24/07 in this house.

But I have decided to pick some extra pressies this year. This cool mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe to present to my brother, a proud Tottenham fan.

Another good match is a framed poster print of the Man United dressing room that can be a great present to help to bring their supporter’s confidence back this year. All the products are officially licenced design.

The gymgoer fathers that are still working out more from home during the lockdown, here is a present that will make his gym sessions at home more fun. A portable WOD timer comes with Bluetooth control and over eight different workout modes.

It is easy to use, and it is great to help you to program rounds and work-to-rest ratios. Its multiple sets help you to improve your exercise efficiency.


What is the coolest present for an outdoorsy father? Some travel gear, of course. This foldable travel bag is exactly what I have in mind as a special present to my husband. He likes being outdoors as much as possible, taking photos of nature spots, graffiti art, and other travel sites that we like to visit together.

Being hands-free is essential in this case. The Lazy Bear’s foldable bags are designed to travel! It is quite light and weighs less than a bottle of water, and also holds everything your journey demands. I just love its elegant and modern Danish design. They are waterproof, with extra compartments and adjustable straps. I may want one too!

Creative Types

There are several ways of gifting a creative father. Here it is a special bag to boost their creativity. It is a great pressie for the ones who are into photography and food. The foodie bag is packed with amazing goodies to aspiring foodies and photographers in your life.

This special bag in collaboration with phone photographer Matt Inwood and stylish Sophie Purser includes a 15-inch photographic reflector and diffuser, beautiful craft papers that can be used as a background to amazing food and drinks photos.

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