How to Raise an Optimistic Child

Optimism is a key component in a child’s personal development and can also show how well your child can handle school lessons, problem-solving and decision making. It’s actually the foundation of a lot of your child’s progress in school, higher education and career prospects.

Of course, we can’t expect our children to be beaming with positivity constantly, but we can put the right tools in place to keep them motivated as they work some of the toughest years of school. Positively motivated children are more likely to learn to be resilient, focused, and passionate about their studies and hobbies.

To raise an optimistic child, these tips from this boarding school in East Sussex will give you some steps towards making a happier family.

Make your child feel comfortable in their surroundings

Children will develop their own personalities that are often formed from their parents’ influence. If there’s a sense of negativity or change within the home your child will begin to notice quite quickly; this is why you should aim to push for more positive interactions in front of your child.

Make sure interactions are positive with your child as well, as you’d be surprised with what they could remember in the future.


Get involved with their homework

Children will appreciate the support as they’re going through tasks they might find boring or stressful. Sit with them and show that you care about their progress, they’re more likely to ask for help from you in the future if you’re keen to show them that you’re interested in their school progress.

Reward them for positive energy

When your child does a good thing at home or at school, give them a reward for their efforts. If it becomes a regular thing, or you want to get all of your kids involved, you could opt to make a gold star chart to track rewards. It could motivate everyone at home to get involved and maintain positivity.



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